Australian Review of The Tears of Isis Up on Amazon, Goodreads; Veggie Horror Proofs Okayed

A new review of THE TEARS OF ISIS went up on Amazon today, having already appeared on Goodreads Sunday.  And this one, from Australian author Natasha Ewendt, gives the collection five stars out of five, not to mention some very alluring words!  “Is there anything better than a short story isiscovermasterfinalebook1-copy-201x300collection that pulls you in from the very first line?”  “Each tale has a killer twist, deep dark intrigue and/or something disturbing to make you shiver.”  To read for yourself on Amazon press here (in the interest of full disclosure, not all of the reviews are as good, alas, but one must make up one’s own mind about them — and, in fact, seeing all together I think gives a better idea of a book as a whole in terms of why one reader may like one aspect that a second reader may be less excited by), on Goodreads here.  And for both a thank you from me to Natasha!

In more mundane matters, today I also sent back the proof sheets to Editor Alex Hurst for GROWING CONCERNS (see November 4), Chupa Cabra House’s upcoming Ecological Horror anthology.  My offering in this is “Seeds,” the tale of an uppity flower garden in the Chicago area and why one’s Sunday afternoons might be more safely spent watching baseball on TV.


  1. I am quite glad Natasha gave Tears of Isis a 5 star review, well deserved! It still baffles me about the other two reveiws on Amazon, but then –they got free ARC’s due to a giveaway contest, I do believe. Not exactly what I’d call followers of your fine works, Jim. 🙂

  2. Correction — I meant the two negative “reviews” for Tears of Isis, which I would not, in fact, call reviews at all.

  3. Marge, thanks. Actually the 2 negative ones may serve a more positive purpose, in warning people off who might think, say, these were stories for children (I think the worst one just got the wrong idea from the mention of Cinderella that these would be all, or mostly, fairy tale adaptations — in which case I’m to blame since I wrote the blurbs, but the review should correct any such misapprehensions) or who dislike “difficult” stories, ones that invite you to think and interpret rather than give you something cut and dried. ‘Course that’s just my opinion. : )=

  4. Now we’re talking about multitasking. 🙂

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