As Fine as Frogs’ Hair Up on Miscellania — A Little Lagniappe

Another story was published today, although only a little one.  MISCELLANEA:  A TRANSCENDENTAL LIBRARY has posted one of my shorter tales, “As Fine as Frogs’ Hair” (see September 16; for an earlier entry in the “library” see also April 5 2012, et al.), a take on Rapunzel and other Fae folk — or is it?  And all in only 75 words.

So what’s that about?!

“Miscellanea: the Transdimensional Library collects and provides access to books, periodicals, multi- and other-media materials from over a thousand different planes of existence,” so the site says.  “Members can access materials with their library card (subject to cellular compatibility with host planes and provided that there is no danger of paradox, violations of the space and time continuum, or library fines).”  Though the careful will note that doesn’t prevent the occasional card catalog misspelling of an author’s last name.

Be that as it may, you can see for yourself at publisher Eggplant Literary Productions, Inc.’s website by clicking here.  Just look for the file card and press it too and, MISCELLANEA being a free library, read the story as well at no cost — which even for less than 100 words still counts as a bargain.


  1. I caught the misspelling several hours after the fact. 😦 The Librarian extends her sincere apologies and assures you that in several other parallel universes the name is spelled right on the catalog card. In some universes the typist was fired, in some s/he was promoted.

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