For Kurt Vonnegut, Nov. 11 1922 to April 11 2007, Who Would Have Been 91 Years Old Today


An iconoclastic author and a great man.  For fifteen other things worth remembering from Kurt Vonnegut’s legacy, please press here.

(Illustration attrib. PARALLAXED JOURNAL)

  1. Thanks for this, Jim. I knew some of those quotes, but not all. I am what I pretend to be, but carefully so. Or, at any rate, I tries and I tries.

  2. Or the Wisdom of Popeye: “I yam what I yam and that’s just what I yam”?

  3. Yep! You got it right, Jim. My favorite sayings are “so it goes” and Popeye’s one you mention and the one from Pogo that I mentioned!

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