Dying to Live: Non-Sparkly Vamp Antho Received November 1

Technically the anthology made its promised release date, another book out in time for Halloween, although it didn’t get to my mailbox until yesterday afternoon, November 1st.  But DYING TO LIVE:  STORIES OF THE UNDEAD (cf. September 23, et al.), “a gut-wrenching celebration of the Vampire [that] will take you to the furthest limits of the forbidden, the inconceivable, and the sacrilegious,” is officially out.  “Stories of love, hate, murder, fear, death, childbirth, and much more, these are the unsuspectingly rich lives of the undead.”  Or so the back cover blurb informs us and, if the editors have kept their promise, without a sparkling vampire in sight.

One perhaps annoying feature, the authors’ names aren’t listed on the contents page (although they do appear with the titles when you go to the stories themselves; for a list of the authors alone, without titles, in somewhat reverse order as it turns out, see also below for July 24).  But then what are vampires, if not furtive?  In any event, my contribution in this covey may fit with tales “sacrilegious” above, a 19th century-set story of lust and weakness of faith called “The Preacher.”  For more on DYING TO LIVE, at least at present in paperback only from Amazon but with other retail outlets apparently to come, press here.


  1. Well, not that anyone asked me, but I’d like some names on the front & back covers to entice me. But it looks like a goodie. and NO Sparklie thingies! Win win!

  2. I can’t help thinking they may have been in a little bit of a hurry to make it out before the end of October. A couple of page numbers in the contents are one off too. The Amazon description does give a couple of names though, with mine first (hee hee).

    With so much else out this month too, it may be a while before I have a chance to actually read it, though the premise (mean vamps, no sparkles) is enticing.

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