Poem-A-Day Challenge for Month of November; Traditional Zombie Story Bought by New Blood Reign Magazine; Mini-Interview Featured on Nightmare Stalkers “Author Spotlight”

It’s that semiannual time of year again.  Every April and November for the past several years Poetry Editor Robert Brewer of WRITERS DIGEST has supplied daily prompts, suggestions for topics, phrases, etc., for poets to write poems from.  Thirty days equals thirty poems, or sixty a year, plus between these special months Brewer offers a weekly prompt every Wednesday.  So you do the math, but it amounts to a lot of poems a year if one sticks to it.

The secret for me is that I made a deal with another local poet where we meet every week to compare our output, thus making it into a contest of sorts plus adding a “shame” factor to keep us from quitting .   A lot of the poems are crummy, of course, especially on otherwise busy days, but these can always be rewritten — or just thrown away.  The thing is, some of the poems aren’t crummy and, at least in my case, have resulted in quite a few sales, such as those accepted by CTHULHU HAIKU II, two of them previously published as well, just a few days ago (see October 25 ).

For more information on how it works — or at least how I work it — cf. April 1 2013, December 8 and November 4 2011, et al.  Or to try it yourself for this November and possibly after, check out Brewer’s site by pressing here.

Also, the day before Halloween (in another of those at the last minute submissions) I sent a reprint traditional zombie (that is, pre-NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD) story to a new magazine I’d just run across two days before, BLOOD REIGN LITERARY MAG.  Later the same day I got a reply from Managing Editor Kristina Stancil to the effect that if I could wait a few days she’d get back to me to discuss pay rates.  I emailed back saying that would be fine, then yesterday, Halloween, came the official acceptance and offer which I okayed in turn.  The story in question, “The First Hundred Years,” was first published in my second Dark Regions collection DARKER LOVES:  TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET and has to do with a Haitian transplant to Jamaica and her adventures both above and below the ground.  As I understand it, it’s set to be published in the first issue on December 13 (a Friday, a glance at the calendar tells me), of which more information will  be posted here as it comes to light.

And finally a short note that I’ve been featured in today’s “Author Spotlight” on the NIGHTMARE STALKERS & DREAM WALKERS (cf October 23, et al.) Facebook page.  Discover my best moments as an author both professionally and personally — or is one of these more like the “most bizarre” one?   It’s also a very short interview, with just those two questions, for answers to which one need only press here.


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