Had Enough Vampires? A Lagniappe for Halloween — Killer Pot, from Daily Science Fiction

I had had a vampire story in DAILY SCIENCE FICTION, “Naughty or Nice” on December 21, 2011 (cf. December 28 and 21 2011, et al.; also for a review, May 5 2012), but it was more a tale for Christmas.  So this is the one that preceded that one, a story of body modification — well, in a sense anyway — and the dangers of smokinLucyg marijuana, especially good stuff.  Yet it is also a story of a woman, Drusilla, who shies away from the sun.  As she says herself, “We used to laugh that I might be a vampire.”  So one can’t get away from them entirely.

But this is a tale of other things too, such as what cheeses go best with amontillado and why Victorians sometimes bronzed babies, called “Killer Pot” (cf. August 16, 9 2011), a tale of a couple who once were lovers and still are good friends, first presented on DAILY SCIENCE FICTION on August 9 two years ago.  A story for summer as much as fall, and not so much a horror story as such unless in a bizarro sort of fashion.  Be that as it may, Halloween is a magical time and chills will occur in any season, and whatever events might come today in terms of sales or publications, or contracts or editorial requests, or whatever else can wait for tomorrow.  For today a gift for the reader — a lagniappe for Halloween for those with a taste for the outre.  And so, to read “Killer Pot” please press here.


  1. I enjoyed reading this again, Jim! Nice work and as usual, highly clever!

  2. Marge, thanks! I’d originally thought of using the other DAILY SF story, “Naughty or Nice” despite its actually-Christmas setting, but then realized Mignonette had already had a star turn this year (in “Vampire Week,” around February I think) so I thought in fairness I ought to give Drusilla a chance too. : )=

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