True Dark, Gas Published by Red Skies Press; Borrowed Man Meets Girl at the End of the World

It took a while for the news to come out, but Thursday evening’s email brought word from Editor Mark Crittenden that TRUE DARK (cf. February 21 2012) has been published by Red Skies Press.  “Journey into nightmarish landscapes, into the blackest midnight of your fear . . . into the TRUE DARK, 17 tales guaranteed to make you sleep with the light on.”  My story here is a kind of dark scTrueDarkSmallience fiction, zombie-esque tale called “Gas,” and, if Red Skies Press should sound familiar to long-time readers, I’ve had a couple of previous publications there, “Jessie” in DREAMS OF DUALITY (see February 13 2012, et al.) and “Ghost Ship” in TECHNO-GOTH CTHULHU (May 2, April 28 2013, et al.).

TRUE DARK, originally billed as “quite simply an anthology of the best of the best horror (open-themed),” is currently available from Createspace, Amazon, and Amazon UK, for which press herehere, or here respectively.

And speaking of the UK, Adele of British start-up publisher Fox Spirit also emailed “I am pleased to say that your submission has been accepted for the anthology.  Due to the high number of excellent stories we will be publishing two volumes early in 2014 (Jan/Feb).”  Not a woman of many words is Adele, but the anthology in question is THE GIRL AT THE END OF THE WORLD and, to quote the guidelines, “What we want:  pre, during, post, and not remotely related to apocalyptic stories, in the SF, Fantasy, Horror, and Crime genres.  Clearly female lead characters who pack a punch.  Roughly speaking 5,000-10,000 words per story.”  The money offered wasn’t huge, but I’ve been trying to build presence in the United Kingdom (by the way, have I mentioned THE TEARS OF ISIS is also available on Amazon UK?  Just click here for a look) and, moreover, it seemed to me I had just the story, a 6500-word tale set in the far-future, dying Earth world of the “Tombs,” called “The Borrowed Man.”

Adele apparently has agreed:  it’s a match made in heaven.


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