The Tears of Isis Spotlighted Today in Kate Hill’s Haunted Library; Dark Bits Now Available as 2014 “Weekly Planner”

Today is the day for our visitor’s pass to Kate Hill’s HAUNTED LIBRARY, a collection of profiles of books each day of October until Halloween.  Once in the door, we can peruse all the authors in the Paranormal Section by clicking here or, cutting specifically to not just THE TEARS OF ISIS but my recommendations for the best classic horror novel and movie here — aside, of course, from the stories in my own book.  And while we’re about it, we can also visit librarian Kate’s blog, specific for today, the 21st, by pressing here.  Find out “what’s the sexiest paranormal creature” — as if you don’t already know what I’ll say.  But as if even that weren’t enough, there’s also Kate’s original interview of me on August 13, still findable by pressing here.

For a second item, we may remember DARK BITS (cf. September 20, et al.) the 52 story plus one extra flash horror fiction anthology from  Now in addition to paperback, hardback, and various electronic editions, Lulu is offering it as a spiral bound weekly planner for 2014.  “Each story now fits on one page, with the facing page being the week planner. The Lulu preview lets you see the first few stories and calendar layout.”  Or as the announcement further states, “52 weeks, 52 tales.  Short, but not sweet, they move quick to grab you.”  And, need I add, I have an offering in this oubliette too, a tale of intrigue and those perhaps not dead enough called “The Third Prisoner.”

So how will your New Year be?  To help plan it out now, check Lulu by pressing here or, to compare that with other formats, Apokrupha’s site for DARK BITS is here.

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