Andromeda’s Offspring Vol. 1 Release Date Set for November 9; Other Unveilings Scheduled for this Site in Halloween Run-Up

A spot of illness slowed things a little, but the announcement came yesterday that publisher Fringeworks Ltd. has set a  release date for ANDROMEDA’S OFFSPRING, VOLUME 1.  This is the anthology,  not the British fanzine of the same name (though both are edited by Theresa Derwin), for stories featuring “classic SF tropes (alien species, space opera, time travel, etc.) with strong female protagonists.”  My offering in this one is another reprint (so okay, I don’t write that much straight science fiction these days) called “Golden Age,” and was originally published by physicist/author Catherine Asaro, herself an example of a positive female science fiction role model, in the Spring 1994 issue of  MINDSPARKS.

So for those who’ll be in England three weeks from this Saturday, in the editor’s words, “I have booked a launch slot for AO Vol 1 on Sat 9th Nov at 16:30 pm in the downstairs bar of the Park Inn Hotel Nottingham UK as part of Novacon.”

For me it’s been a busy month right here in the US, especially with Halloween around the corner.  In fact I have two more interviews in the ChristineRainsBlogLogo“to do” folder right now (finished the greater part of one just a half hour ago), although these will most likely not be used until November.  But to give a quick preview of what’s up for me in the run-up to Halloween — only two weeks from today! — on the coming Monday, October 21, Kate Hill will hold a “Halloween Promo” for me in her HAUNTED LIBRARY; three days later on the 24th (that’s one week from today), author, friend, and fellow writers’ group member Christine Rains will offer a new review of THE TEARS OF ISIS on her CHRISTINERAINS-WRITER blog; and on the Monday after that, on October 28, Cassie Carnage is scheduled to interview me on CASSIE’S HOUSE OF HORROR.

See you all then?


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