Miseria’s Chorale Contents Updated, Submissions Extend to Oct. 30

Forgotten Tomb Press has released a current list of stories accepted for MISERIA’S CHORALE (cf. June 11), as well as extended the deadline for submissions to October 30.  Edited by David Nell, “MISERIA’S CHORALE  is a planned anthology of horror short stories comprising the best in the genre from both established and new voices.  This will be the first volume in what is set to be an annual release.  The topics of your stories can be far-ranging, however originality is key.  . . .  We are particularly interested in dark, atmospheric literary fiction that shows a proficiency in language and tone.  Terrify us.  Challenge the boundaries of horror.”

One bit of warning:  there is no pay, but a number of known names are listed in the table of contents so the prestige value may be high.  In some cases these may be reprints although the guidelines don’t encourage them, mine for instance, “The Cherry Tree,” a tale of ghosts that goes back to the Civil War was originally published in SONGS FOR DEAD SINGERS (Catalyst Books, 2002).  As the publisher’s announcemnt puts it, “If you don’t know these writers yet, I’m sure you will love them. I’ve read stories from some of them already, and I am very impressed. I’m also looking forward to the thrill of discovery with the contributors that are new to me.”

Interest piqued?  Guidelines with further information can be found by pressing here.

And here is a look at the current lineup:

“Becoming the Beast” by Christian A. Larsen
“Bedfordshire” by Peter Crowther
“Trauma Children” by Lucy Taylor
“The Face of Death” by Paul Kane
“Tomb of the Initiate” by Aaron J. French
“The Cherry Tree” by James S. Dorr
“Visit” by Richard Godwin
“When Karen Met Her Mountain” by Todd Keisling
“The Banquet” by Fred Skolnik
“The Gatehouse” by Anna Taborska
“Worm Garden” by Patrick Lacey
“Exit To Dove’s Tail” by Ken Goldman
“The Catacomb Enigma” by Jon Michael Kelley
“Instantaneous” by Christopher David Rosales
“The Eye That Ate The Sky” by Alexandre Mandarino
“From Suicide Station” by Adam Millard
“Give Me Convenience” by Shaun Meeks
“King of a Distant Star” by Tim Jeffreys
“In Green Remembered” by Christopher Nadeau
“Cicada” by Caren Gussoff
“Evacuation” by Jay Wilburn
“Asrai” by Carmen Tudor
“What Lurks Below” by Peter Baltensperger
“That Sinking Feeling” by Lance Mannion
“Motel Impression” by Michael Thomas-Knight
“The Wind” by Ryan Neil Falcone
“Happy Thoughts” by Nick Kimbro
“Letters” by Christina Murphy
“The Shadow On The Hill” by Peter Mark May
“One” by Cameron Suey
“Kicks” by Carl Barker
“Thrall” by Richard Farren Barber
“The Watching Room” by Glen Damien Campbell
“The Story” by Aurelio Rico Lopez III
“Formaldehyde Fairies” by Alana I Capria
“Hiding” by Pete Aldin
“Extremity” by B.T. Joy
“A Feeble Gleam of Stars” by R.W.W. Greene
“Tug” by Douglas J. Ogurek
“Because The Night Is Dark And Full Of Monsters” by Sergio Palumbo


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