“Semi-Official” Table of Contents, Cover for Bizarro Bizarro; Splatterlands to Publish October 22

It’s semi-official because, according to the announcement from Bizarro Pulp Press (cf. October 7), “[t]his list is subject to slight change between now and when the book actually releases.  This is also what we are thinking of for the order of the stories that will be featured in this book! I am Very excited about this thing.  We have a lot of great names and great bizarro-bizarrostories.  If you will notice, we have a super secret story to complete the anthology.”

And so, here it is (at least for the time being):

1. Wol-Vriey, Lucy in Brain Ceiling World
2. Jeff Burk, The Satanic Little Toaster
3. Robert Harris, A Smashed Up Salmon
4. Dustin Reade, Night Butterfly
5. Marcin Kiszela, Dreamsource
6. James Dorr, Mr. Happy Head
7. Alan M. Clark and David Conover, Ugly Shirt’s Quest
8. Edmund Colell, Fuck Your Death, Keep Working
9. Robert Harris, Pixelated Nostalgia
10. Sean Leonard, Dope-elganger
11. Emily Hundrwade,l Body Snatcher’s Remorse
12. Bruce Taylor, Four Dreams in Miniature
13. Alan M. Clark and Randy Fox, Not About Mrs. Maridu
14. Daniel Gonzales, Sitcom Hell
15. Aaron French, Shoes
16. Max Booth III, A Prescription for Shut the Fuck Up
17. Vincenzo Bilof, The Swamp of Girders and Chains
18. P. A. Douglas, Pussy Apocalypse
19. Danger Slater, The Monster, the Man, the Building, the Bomb
20. MP Johnson, Vagalyn’s Flying Head
21. Todd Nelson, Moon Love
22. Ethan C. Evans and  Daniel J. Pendergraft, Wildberry Christ
23. Jan Maszczycsn, Toy Soldiers
24. G. Arthur Brown, The Pitfalls of Modern Gardening
25. Craig Saunders, Sleep and the End
26. Meghan Acuri, Plaything
27. Michael A. Rose, Civics of Consequence
28. Christopher T. Dabrowski, Big Bang
29. Andrew Adams, Forget Me Not, Filet Mignon
30 William Cook, The Colony
31. Robert Harris, Schluck!
32. Alan M. Clark and David Conover, All His First Born
33. Tony Rauch, Refugees from the Future
34. James Reith, As One
35. Gabino Iglesias, Looking for Gloria
36. Nick Cato, A Path for the New Bride
37. ????

Then in other news, Grey Matter Press (cf. September 17, et al.) has just announced that “SPLATTERLANDS:  REAWAKENING THE SPLATTERPUNK REVOLUTION will publish in time for Halloween 2013. The company’s second collection of dark fiction will be available for purchase on October 22, 2013.

“’Almost three decades ago, a literary movement forever changed the way we now look at horror and the entertainment industry’ explains Editor Anthony Rivera.  ‘The Splatterpunk movement of the nineteen eighties resulted in a complete overhaul of our underlying concept of entertainment. From Clive Barker’s stunning literary horror, to major motion pictures like Saw and Hostel, to now what we watch on television each week in shows like Breaking Bad and American Horror Story.  Without Splatterpunk, none of this would have been possible. It was a movement that, literally, changed the world.’

“Grey Matter Press intends to breathe new life into that movement as they reawaken the true essence of the Splatterpunk revolution by publishing SPLATTERLANDS: REAWAKENING THE SPLATTERPUNK REVOLUTION, a collection containing stories of personal, intelligent and visceral horror.”

And so here that is too.

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