Nightmare Stalkers & Dream Walkers Author Lineup Announced, Second Volume Open for Submissions; Dark Bits Available in Print as well as Ebook Formats

A couple of quick updates, the first being that Horrified Press has announced a complete lineup of authors for  their upcoming NIGHTMARE STALKERS & DREAM WALKERS anthology (see June 28), although it’s not clear if this the actual table of contents that is, the order in which the stories will appear in the book) or perhaps the order in which they were accepted.  Either way, though, it looks like an intriguing list..

Desperate Dreams – By Chantal Boudreau
Dose – By Jay Wilburn
Chosen – By Rebecca Besser
Virtual Black – By Todd Nelsen
Dreamer – By Ben Pienaar
Silent Scream – By Scarlet Norton-Duperre
MacKenzie’s Rose – By Rie Sheridan Rose
If You Should Die Before I Wake – By Josh Strnad
Flesh – By James S. Dorr
Dialogues with the Dead – By Kate Monroe
Seven Snowy Deaths – By K. Trap Jones
Nightmare – By Rick McQuiston
Shadow – By Mathias Jansson
Knock Knock – By Joel M. Kremer
7 Hours – By Max Booth III
Whispers – By Mark Slade
Gateway Drug – By Lindsey Beth Goddard
Rêve Noir –  By Eli Wilde
A Daffodil or Tulip Shan’t Compare – By Justin Tate
Phantom Flirts – By Justin Tate
The House on Cedar Street – By Sean Farren
The Twenty – By Ray J. Robbio
The Boy Who Usually Wasn’t There – By Allan Izen
The Patrol – By Kenneth W. Cain
Arcticus – By Greg McWhorter
The New Gaoler – By Konstantine Paradias
Special Delivery – By Wiiliam Holden
Oh Baby! – By Patrick O’ Scheen
Apep – By Joseph A. Pinto
Daydream – By Nathan J.D.L. Rowark
The Ferryman – By Suzie Lockhart & Bruce Lockhart 2nd
Mr Creator – By Joe McKinney

People might recall as well that the anthology was originally to be open until early next year so, with this great and quick a response, the editors have also announced a Volume 2, currently open for new submissions.  For more on that, as well as the original guidelines and concept, check it out here.  While, as for the when and where Volume 1 will be published, information will be on these pages as soon as I know too.

Then for the second update, the DARK BITS flash horror anthology (cf. September 3, June 30, et al.) is now available in hard copy, both in softcover and hardback editions via CreateSpace and, respectively.  These join existing ebook versions via Kindle and Smashwords, between them in pretty well all ebook formats.  Links for ordering can be found at publisher Apokrupha’s site by pressing here.


  1. Again, impressive company –while there are some that I don’t know, I did see K.Trap Jones, Joe McKinney, the deceased actor, William Holden, Max Booth III, Kenneth W. Cain –and you! Bravo!

  2. Ah, yes, the late William Holden. Bridge Over the River Kwai?

  3. Also Stalag 17 — he served in Europe as well as the Pacific!

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