“Frogs’ Hair” Scheduled for Miscellanea November 14; Untreed Reads Fifty-Cent Sale Extended to September 30

Harken we back to the entry of April 5 2012 where we find a very, very short story, “The Cage,” that’s been posted in MISCELLANEA:  A TRANSDIMENSIONAL LIBRARY (cf. also February 25 2012), a quirky foreshadowing of a library of the future of “books that have never existed and that haven’t been written yet,” as represented by excerpts from such tomes.  Limited to 300 words, these are not entire stories, but the game is to suggest the greater tales that lie behind them — that is, not to tell them, but to invite the reader to imagine what they may or may not be.  Then with a fast forward to August 15 of this year, we discover a new, even shorter story has been accepted for MISCELLANEA.

And now we discover this story, “As Fine as Frogs’ Hair,” a 75-word saga concerning witches and princes and frogs and maids and hair extensions . . . and, oh, all sorts of things, is officially scheduled for publication in MISCELLANEA:  A TRANSDIMENSIONAL LIBRARY on November 14, two weeks after Halloween.  What fantasies may this excerpt evoke?

To find out, one must wait till then.  But for a taste of what MISCELLANEA is like one need only press here.

Also today has come an announcement that Untreed Reads Publications’s weekend sale on short stories, noted immediately below,  has been extended until the end of the month.  “Again, all short stories are on sale for just 50 cents each through September 30th, AND discount coupons that folks might have DO apply. This sale is only through The Untreed Reads Store.”  I have two titles in this sale, VANITAS and I’M DREAMING OF A. . ., which can be reached by pressing their pictures in the column just to the right or else via Untreed Reads own store site.

Also for another reminder, this one two posts down, Kobo’s half-off sale on electronic books is still on till the end of the month too, featuring the two above Untreed Reads stories plus a few others, also by me, from Untreed Reads and other publishers (notably PEDS, POLUDNITSA, and I believe THE GARDEN in the near-right column, as well as Damnation Books’s TELLING TALES OF TERROR (where I wrote the introduction) and the Untreed Reads anthology YEAR’S END:  14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR.


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