For Kindle Die-Hards: I’m Dreaming Of A. . ., Vanitas on Untreed Reads Fifty-Cent Short Story Sale Today and Sunday

Wednesday’s half-price sale is still on at Kobo (cf. just below) but, for those who prefer their fiction on Kindle — at least for short stories — Untreed Reads’s own store is offering them this weekend in multiple formats for fifty cents each.  Kobo, on the other hand, while at the same price for stories listing at $0.99, offers EPUB format but doesn’t have Kindle.

As for Untreed reads, let Editor/Publisher Jay Hartman explain:  “Just a heads-up that all short stories in all categories have been marked down to $0.50 for this weekend . . . Untreed Reads is transitioning away from stand-alone short stories, but we do want to make the ones we have right now more attractive to buyers.

“The sale is scheduled to end at 11:30 pm on Sunday, September 15th. HOWEVER, more than likely, we will be putting the distribution titles back to their regular price and leaving the Untreed Reads short stories at $0.50 for a while longer. We want to see if we can get more movement out of these titles.”

So some sale prices may actually be available after Sunday, but, again, only for short stories and, for this sale, only at the Untreed Reads Store — while the Kobo sale will continue all month for all lengths of story, but excludes Kindle format.

Confused?  I know I am.  But the bottom line, at least for my work:  If you’d like to get my Christmas horror tale I’M DREAMING OF A. . . or my steampunk/mystery VANITAS for just fifty cents each and in Kindle format, just click their pictures in the center column of this page, but best do it by 11:30 p.m. tomorrow just in case.  If you prefer EPUB (including Nook, etc.) you have a choice of clicking the picture to purchase directly from Untreed Reads or going to the URL at the bottom of Wednesday’s post for Kobo.  But if you’d like a bargain price for my near-future SF story PEDS, you’ll have to go to Kobo for that because it’s priced as a novelette, not a short story, and hence isn’t part of the Untreed Reads sale (and, as a reminder, the Kobo sale may also include other titles by me, or with work of mine in them, like POLUDNITSA or TELLING TALES OF TERROR or even Untreed Reads’s own New Year’s anthology YEAR’S END:  14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR).


  1. I am a little confused too, but then I don’t have a Kindle or Kobe, and prefer a real book. I just loved reading TEARS OF ISIS, not only for the stories but also it’s such a comfy book to hold!

  2. It is a comfy book to hold. It has that sort of almost suede feel to the cover, like ZOMBIES FOR A CURE had last year (like maybe human skin? 😀 )

  3. The one problem is, unlike human skin on the human, it has a tendency to show fingerprints.

  4. But that seems so . . clinical!

    (Say I who have just posted on my Facebook page a picture, c/o Bride of Frankenstein, of Elsa Lanchester and Boris Karloff “meeting” for the first time. One comment on Bride of Frankenstein’s page is to the effect “First dates are always so awkward.” I believe it is of the moment before Elsa starts screaming and Boris goes berserk.)

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