Poems from Vamps to be in October HWA News — Still Some Time for Other HWA Poets

It was about three weeks back that Marge Simon posted the notice on the Horror Writers Association Facebook page:  “CALL FOR HALLOWEEN POEMS!”  The gist was that if HWA poet members had “some cool poems that would fit a Halloween theme, 20 lines or less” to send them to Marge or HWA NEWSLETTER editor Kathy Ptacek for a feature in the October issue.Image  No pay, to be sure, but reprints are okay, with deadline on September 12 (that is, there are still a few days left for any of you who are HWA members — just send as text in the body of an email to Kathy at her “gilaqueen” address).  And so, why not?

Word came back today that two I sent have been accepted, “Jazz Girl” and “The Aeronaut” from my all-poetry collection VAMPS (A RETROSPECTIVE).  They do get around, having had unlife even before their appearances in VAMPS (in SPIDERWORDS and AMANITA BRANDY, respectively) and so, like bad pennies — or maybe about $2.50 each adding in inflation — here they are again!

To see them in VAMPS, click the orangy picture in the center column — “The Aeronaut,” in fact, is highlighted on the book’s back cover  (“Meet just one of the vamps in this book.. . .”) — and take it from there or, if an HWA member, just wait till next month.  ‘Cause vampires are like that, you know you love them or, even if not, there’s no way to escape.


  1. I’m Bloody Excited that your exeptional poems will grace the HWA Newsletter in October, Jim!

  2. Lots of vampire action this month it would seem, although BLEED, despite its provocative title, really isn’t (at least as far as my story “King Rat” is concerned, but more to do with metaphors for cancer, I think). With the Kindle edition out now, though, we may start getting some descriptive reviews in.

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