Just in time for the real vampires to be out?  Today was Contract Day in a manner of speaking, sending back a contract for PROSPECTIVE JOURNAL that came yesterday (see August 22 — this is the one for “A Slice of Cheese” for their “Sasquatch” issue) and, just as I was about to log off for the afternoon, another that just arrived from Nightscape Press.   The Nightscape contract, by coincidence, is for the “other” charity anthology, BLOOD TYPE (cf. July 23 — which also offers an alphabetical table of contents, this one in order of title — and 18), with proceeds to go to The Cystic Fibrosis Trust.  Fully titled BLOOD TYPE:  AN ANTHOLOGY OF VAMPIRE SF ON THE CUTTING EDGE, contents-page illuminati include Tim Waggoner, William F. Nolan, Michael R. Collings, Mike Resnick, and a number of others.  So between it and BLEED, as noted in the post just below, buyers will have a double opportunity both to read well and do good at the same time.

My offering in BLOOD TYPE is the modest “Eudora,” a girl whose father bought her a wormery when she was young, coming in at a relatively lightweight 1500 words. “Always on the go, that was Eudora.  Seductive.  Beautiful.  Treating Goth clubs as if they were smorgasbords.  Meeting new men there as well.”  Also today’s email made it official, that the release date for BLOOD TYPE is to be Devil’s Night, October 30, the eve of Halloween.

See everyone there?


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