Half Hour of Vampires at Local Arts Fair; Really Weird Poems, a.k.a. Radical Dislocations in Print

Starting cloudy but moving to sunny, temperature in the mid-to-high 80s (not quite the 91 degrees the Weather Channel had predicted before), today was the second day of the local Arts Fair with, at 3 p.m., my “A Half Hour of Vampires:  Poetry and Prose” reading (cf. August 8) on “The Spoken Word Stage.”  This was a section run by the Bloomington Writers Guild which included various local poets and short story writers, etc., an information table, and a very popular “Poems Written to Order” booth where patrons can suggest a topic or a word or a phrase and, in exchange for a donation, receive a typed copy (on a genuine manual typewriter) of a poem written especially for them.  That last is not something I’ve volunteered for — my on-the-spot poems, when I can even do them, are generally snarky — but I ended up a minor hero of sorts when, perhaps two hours before my reading, the on-the-spot poets discovered they were almost out of paper.  Where to get some (talk about popular! — but the gift shop first suggested turned out not to carry stationery)?  And it was I who thought of a nearby art supply store that, by happy coincidence, had pocket sketch books with tear-out pages of the appropriate weight and size required.

It would be nice to say my reading engendered equal joy, but the fact is “vampire poetry and prose,” as it was billed, is perhaps a bit on the esoteric side for your average community arts fair crowd.  However, though the audience was small, it was appreciated by those who came to hear (and went over well too on the mechanical side of things, apart from occasional pauses for low-flying planes overhead).

Then in another bit of good news, Chupa Cabra House announced late last night that RADICAL DISLOCATIONS, a.k.a. REALLY WEIRD POEMS (see July 28, 17), has been released in print just in time for it to count officially as an August publication.  At 150 pages with work by twenty of “the best new poets,” if can be ordered for “just 9 bucks” now via the publisher by pressing here.  And in a short while it should be available on Amazon and other sites, but at a no-longer-discounted $10.00.

I should add though that, blurbs aside, as genre poets go I’m not really that new,  but my offerings in this one, “Last Rides,” “Book Fair Buzz Is Not Contained Between Two Covers,” and “Why He Ate His Hat,” may represent a more absurd, playful side of my work than one sees that often.


  1. Glad to hear you were a “hero” for thinking of the art store; everyone should have showed up at your reading to show their gratitude! And would be in for a treat, if they had. Still you had an audience, so that’s great!
    Hope the rest of the festival went very well.

  2. Maybe a little embarrassingly, about half the people who did show up were “staff” (and that’s not counting the sound man 🙂 )

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