Medusa in the Rear View Mirror — A Great Review Posted on Amazon for The Tears of Isis; Untreed Reads Publishing Announces 4-Day Labor Day Weekend Sale

Last night a really nice review of THE TEARS OF ISIS appeared on Amazon stating that, among other things, “It flows so well that you may not immediately see the overall picture that [has been] knit so well together.”  And although the “stories range in length and genre,” the darkness overall is also noted.  So be forewarned (or, I never said I wasn’t a horror writer), but if “dark” is your thing, although some stories may be darker than others, you might consider giving the collection a try.  Just click on its picture in the center column for more information including ordering.

It has not always been that everyone has loved THE TEARS OF ISIS (see, e.g.,  June 1).  Chacun à son goût, eh?  But if you should read it or have already and found it worth while, you might also think about writing your own review.  The info behind the book’s picture in the center column also includes, for those who scroll down almost to the bottom, an email address reviewers can use to ask for a free electronic edition.  And any honest review (though preferably good, to be sure 😉 ) would be much appreciated.

And lest one wonder what “Medusa in the rear view mirror” has to do with a nice review of THE TEARS OF ISIS, press here to see the review for yourself.  Image

Also Untreed Reads Publishing has announced that “all Untreed Reads titles will be on sale from Friday-Monday in The Untreed Reads Store at a discount of 40% off. No special coupon codes will be needed. The discount will be taken during the checkout process.”  They also note that by buying directly from them, “people get PDF, EPUB and Kindle formats for the same price as buying just one format from any other vendor.”  And while THE TEARS OF ISIS is published by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing and, hence, is not a part of this sale, you can take advantage of Untreed Reads’s offer by checking out any or all of PEDS, I’M DREAMING OF. . ., and VANITAS, all of which are displayed to the right in the center column.  And, while you’re there, you also might look at Untreed Reads’s 2012 New Year’s anthology YEAR’S END:  14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR with its lead story, “Appointment in Time,” written by . . . me.


  1. That is such a hook, “Medusa in the Rear View Mirror”, I’d not put it past you to write a story along those lines, Jim! Hopefully, ISIS will get many more great & deserving reviews.

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