Tunnels to be in Horrified Press Anthology Until the End; Peds and Others in Untreed Reads 3-Day Sale Friday and Weekend

It’s the way of the universe, I suppose, that some weeks nothing much notable seems to happen, then others every day is a circus.  So Wednesday I printed and mailed copies back of Eggplant Productions’s contract for “As Fine As Frogs’ Hair,” then, scarcely having finished that and posted it below on the blog, a new email came.  This was from the UK and Nathan J. D. L. Rowark and contained a contract as well, along with this message:   “Firstly, thanks for submitting your story for Horrified Press’s anthology UNTIL THE END.  I’d like to include ‘Tunnels’ in this collection.”

UNTIL THE END is a post-apocalypse anthology having to do with the power of love to endure . . . perhaps. “During the last days of the end of the world, a love-struck couple sit atop an old brick wall to watch its dawn silhouettes burn.  All that once was has been demolished . . . except the paring’s unwavering devotion to one another.  Will it be enough as the bodies stack-up and the rampaging hordes of an atomic Hell stalk the ruins of this once proud city?”   As I explained to Editor Rowark, “Tunnels” is more a tale of familial love than romantic as such and, as the guidelines contained some ambiguity on this point, it was a reprint (cf. September 6 and August 5 2011).  Would that be okay?

Apparently yes, as I emailed this contract back later yesterday evening.

Then, today being Thursday, Untreed Reads Publishing has officially released the announcement of a 40-percent off sale for all titles bought through the Untreed Reads site starting Friday and continuing through the weekend to Sunday, 11 p.m. PST (which I think would be midnight in daylight savings time, but then I’m not on Pacific Time myself anyway).  This would include the three Untreed Reads titles I have myself, PEDS, I’M DREAMING OF A. . . , and VANITAS, as well as last December’s YEAR’S END New Year’s anthology with my short short, “Appointment in Time.”  Discounts, according to the announcement, will be applied during the checkout process, whether for just one book or a bushel — but, as they underscore, “ONLY in the Untreed Reads  Store.”

To consider my books with Untreed Reads, just press here, or if you prefer you can go directly to Untreed Reads for a special sale celebration home page and proceed from there.


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