New Interview by Kate Hill Is Live for Tuesday

Had enough of interviews of me?  I certainly haven’t.  Each one seems to be a little different — and often enough more than just a little — as indeed each interviewer is different as well.  Today’s, then, is via erotic, historical, and paranormal romance author Kate Hill, with an emphasis still on THE TEARS OF ISIS (yes, you knew I’d get that bit in!) but perhaps as approached from a slightly different angle.

So something we might emphasize is character, does this come even before the plot and, as an author, how does one learn about one’s characters?  Where does one get one’s inspiration?  How does one put together a collection like THE TEARS OF ISIS and what other projects are being worked on now?  Any excerpts or teases, both of this work and on something to come?

So perhaps a bit of a personal approach will come through here, of me and what I like to read and write — what’s fun for me, too, is how something may seem to have been done before, but now there’s another layer added or more depth of thought.  I don’t believe I’ve mentioned “Blackwoods” fiction before (cf. Edgar Allan Poe’s “How to Write a Blackwood Article,” though I should have added that the reference is to BLACKWOOD’S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE, not the author Algernon Blackwood) or “Theatre of the Absurd.” in terms of pleasure or possible influence on my own writing.

So all this and more, my favorite season(s) and the origin of the cave cat Wednesday’s name, can be discovered by just pressing here.


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