Shadorma, a Poetic Guilty Pleasure (and a Bad Lagniappe); Dark Bits Story at First Sundays Open Mike

Guilty pleasures, yes.  You have them, I have them.  Toward the end of April, as a Writers Digest poetry blog challenge (cf. April 1, et al.), I wrote a “shadorma” about the dietary habits of vampires (well, sort of).  It was kind of fun.  Then just last Friday, as part of another challenge, I wrote my second shadorma (also vampiric, but I’d like to think that part’s just a coincidence), and I believe I’m getting hooked on them.  It’s a short form (thus sort of like cinquains that some poets are hooked on, though I don’t care that much for those myself) and may actually be a kind of hoax:  it’s claimed to be a Spanish form, but historical references to shadormas have not been found, let alone actual examples from Spain.  It’s also a poem with fixed syllable counts for each line, a little bit like a haiku on steroids (not normal in Romance language forms where so much tends to be focused on rhyme, although of course there can be exceptions), consisting of six lines of 3, 5, 3, 3, 7, and 5 syllables each.  And so, for this blog, I have written a third, instructive perhaps although bad as poetry in any form, and thus for today a “bad” lagniappe:



A Spanish form, yes?
Maybe so,
as I’ve heard,
though no evidence exists.
Still, a lot of fun.


So why not try a few — I know I’ll be writing more myself from time to time?  While, for another guilty pleasure, yesterday was the day for the Bloomington Writers Guild’s “First Sundays” reading series (see March 3, et al.), including (ahem) free snacks.  The way these work is three featured writers read for fifteen minutes each, then after a break others can sign up to do three-minute readings.  So on a sunny, but not too hot day, we heard a group of essays, followed by poetry, followed by excerpts from a play.  Then for the “open mike” session afterward, this time with only four more participants, I took the cleanup slot with a reading of my flash zombie story “The Third Prisoner,” due to be reprinted in DARK BITS hopefully later this month (cf. June 30, et al.).  I might point out as well that the story has been reprinted before in Brazil in Portuguese, if not quite in Spanish, and as another coincidence of sorts, has itself been a former lagniappe here (cf. June 15 2012 — so anybody who enjoyed it then, you’ll probably like DARK BITS too when it comes out).


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