A Blast From the Past: Flush Fiction Now on Kindle; Bleed, Andromeda’s Offspring Proof Sheets Sent Back

Yard Dog Press is a delightfully unpretentious Arkansas publisher that, once upon a time, decided to showcase its various writers in a book to be called FLUSH FICTION.   Say what?  Well, it came out in Spring of 2006 and it’s really flash fiction but, as the book itself points out, these are stories intended “to be read in one sitting.”  All are intended to be complete Imagestories told in 1000 words or less, as the back cover says:  “Some of the biggest names in the business make their livings writing seven hundred thousand word vignettes.  They wouldn’t know how to tell a complete story if it jumped up and bit them on the ass, so keep that in mind as you read the stories in FLUSH FICTION.”

And so, has it come back to bite us too?  Today’s email brought the announcement, “Flush Fiction is Live on Kindle!”  To see for yourself, you just need to press here.  Also, right now it’s on Amazon Select, but in 90 days it should be taken off and made available as well on Nook and possible other locations.

As some may have guessed, I have an outing myself in this outhouse, a story called “The Dragon Tattoo”* about the pleasures, and unexpected dangers, of certain all-body skin decorations.  Yard Dog is also known for its five book series on BUBBAS OF THE APOCALYPSE, with stuff by me in the first four volumes, also first published back in the 2000s — more information on all these titles can be found on Yard  Dog’s website.  And as for FLUSH FICTION, the paperback version is still available as well and can be found on Amazon by pressing here.

Then for a bit of cleanup activity, today I proofed or otherwise checked over not one, but two upcoming anthologies.  ANDROMEDA’S OFFSPRING, VOLUME 1 will be coming out from the UK with ten percent of its profits going to the Trans Atlantic Fan Fund (cf. April 5), including my story “Golden Age” for which I approved editorial changes; while BLEED (see July 18, et al.), now in its final check before going to the printer, will be out from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing with profits to go to the Children’s Cancer Fund, including my piece “King Rat.”


*A slightly longer version of “The Dragon Tattoo” has also appeared in the Summer 2003 FANTASQUE.


  1. Love that title: Flush Fiction –and also, Bubbas of the Apocalypse. Somehow, notice of them slipped past me back then. Bravo for Kindle!

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