Poetry Shorties: Upstart Poets; Star*Line Arrived

Thursday was poetry night this week, with special attention on shorter poems.  At least for me.  Upstart Poets (cf. April 26, et al.) met with the announcement that, while there may be a change in facilitator, it will continue at the People’s Bar into the fall.  It was back to its usual pattern too, with two featured poets followed by a “soiree” of three-minute segments from the rest of us.  Mine this time were, literally, my most recent poems, a haiku, a limerick, and a four-poem haiku sequence which I had just sent in to the National Space Society of North Texas’s latest contest, run this year in conjunction with the Fort Worth Haiku Society on the subject of “Space Exploration, Development, and Settlement.”  The contest has less than a week more to run, but if interested, the rules have been posted on the Bloomington Writers Guild’s Announcement Page (press here, then scroll down — but be sure to do so by July 31), the umbrella group as it were overarching the Upstart Poets, and thus we see how all things are connected 🙂 .

We’ve met the National Space Society of North Texas before in these posts, as well, as recently as July 23 with my contract signing for last year’s contest poems to be in their upcoming MARS, THE NEXT FRONTIER StarLins36.3chapbook anthology.  Also several times prior to that.

Then, earlier this week the Summer issue of STAR*LINE arrived, this time including another, in this case 18-syllable, not-quite-haiku by me (cf. May 18) titled, well, by its first line on the contents page “no wonder we eat brains.”  But the contents page says it’s on Page 23, when a closer inspection finds it actually on Page 22.  Keeps us hopping, it does, but contents page scrambles aside, STARLINE is the magazine of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, more about which appears here.

The STAR*LINE package also included a copy of this year’s DWARF STARS, the 2013 competition chapbook for poems of ten lines or fewer (speaking of shorties), but, alas, with nothing by me in it this year.

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