Eudora Accepted by Cutting Edge Vampire SF Antho Blood Type; King Rat Proofs for Bleed, the “Other” Fund-Raiser Anthology; Splatterlands/The Artist Press Release Revealed

(It’s busy times in the computer cave with three items today: )

It arrived in the wee hours of this morning, skulking through shadows, as a self-respecting “cutting edge” vampire email must, and at 2:21 a.m. EDT on the computer clock, its message was revealed:  “I absolutely loved ‘Eudora’ and would like to accept it for publication in my upcoming BLOOD TYPE charity anthology!”  But for the whole story we have to go back to almost exactly seven months before.

So it was, last December, that the call came to me.  “Imagine, if you will, a collection of stories that represent the most cutting edge science fiction-based vampire fiction.  Think SF-based vampire fiction like I AM LEGEND and NECROSCOPE and how they affected the vampire genre when they were first released.  Dark Vampire SF that goes where the Imagegenre hasn’t before.”  That was the challenge Editor Robert S. Wilson set for us.  And moreover while a kickstarter campaign would try to raise money to pay the authors — the goal to be professional rates (don’t know even now whether that’s been reached) – all profits from sales of the book itself will go the British-based Cystic Fibrosis Trust to support research and clinical care, as well as provide practical support and care for sufferers of CF and their families.

The call went on:  This was to be a tony anthology indeed, no simply ordinary stories need apply.  “In a nutshell I want a resonating story with great characters that will blow my mind intellectually.”  What chance had a woman who, when she was little, was given a wormery* by her father and who, when she grew up, went out with men who tended to die young?  An intelligent girl, though, who liked vampire movies — sometimes she even dreamed of vampires — “Eudora,” her story at only a minimal 1500 words, the shortest allowed to even try, nevertheless set out on  December 16 2012 to test her fortune.

This morning “Eudora” made it.

In other charity (and bloody) anthology news, proof sheets for BLEED, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing’s project for the Children’s Cancer Fund arrived yesterday afternoon, along with ancillary requests for bio updates, prior publishing info, etc.  My story in this is a reprint, “King Rat,” on (as it were) economic vampirism originally published in GOTHIC.NET (see below, July 13, et al.).  Things are moving fast on this one, with a deadline for authors to get stuff back within the next two weeks.

Then, finally, word came today from Anthony Rivera of Grey Matter Press that their SPLATTERLANDS anthology with my story “The Artist” (cf. February 9) is proceeding, with its own proof sheets, etc., to be expected in the near future.  “We have, today, released some general roll-out information about the project.  This includes the list of contributors, story titles, cover art, and a new launch site to support the collection (”

In addition, they’ve put out a press release, reading in part:  “Called a collection of ‘personal, intelligent and subversive’ horror, SPLATTERLANDS:  REAWAKENING THE SPLATTERPUNK REVOLUTION will be published  by Grey Matter Press in the fall of 2013.  Today, the Chicago-based publisher of dark fiction announced the line-up of contributing authors whose work will be featured in SPLATTERLANDS.  This collection, the latest in a long line of highly anticipated anthologies to be released by Grey Matter Press throughout the remainder of this year, includes the work of some of the most well-respected authors** writing in horror today.”

To read the rest for yourself, press here.


*Say what!?!!  You’ll just have to read the book when it comes out, more information on which can be found here.



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