Chupa Cabra Chapbook Accepts Three “Really Weird” Poems; 2013 Rhysling Anthology Received

Is this the first poetry acceptance for July?  Today I got word that Chupa Cabra House has accepted three poems for an upcoming REALLY WEIRD LIMITED EDITION CHAPBOOK.  “Looking for weird poems of any length,” according to their guidelines, “though longer is better, any subject.”  And is the above really what it will be called?  Apparently I’ll find out when it’s published since pay, according to Editor Timm Tayshun, “is contributors copy numbered zero, and blessed by a Vietnamese Buddhist monk.”

But hey, what the heck, this one sounded like fun so I sent three poems out and all have come back accepted.  The poems themselves are called “Last Rides,” the shortie of the bunch at only 20 lines about a young gentleman named Little Willie and a bad day in the funeral industry, “Book Fair Buzz Is Not Contained Between 2 Covers” at 34 lines with its title taken from a newspaper headline but its content entirely made up, and “Why He Ate His Hat” in 42 lines — my favorite in terms of plain lunacy, if I may say so — that, well, answers the age-old question (and, as a result, the Earth is still Imagesafe).  Guidelines of sorts can be found here (I think they’re still reading, but possibly not for long), with other information to come when I find out myself.

And, in the postal mail, this year’s RHYSLING ANTHOLOGY came today with (speaking of lunacy) another of my poems about the lad known as Little Willie, “Burning Down Woods on a Snowy Evening.”  This is the volume of finalists in the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s annual Rhysling competition for best short and long genre or genre-related poems (cf. June 10, June 6 2012, et al.).  “Burning Down Woods” was itself first published in the October-December 2012 issue of the SFPA’s own journal, STAR*LINE (see October 29, February 6 2012).

For more on the Science Fiction Poetry Association as well as the Rhysling competition and  STAR*LINE, and all sorts of other stuff, press here.


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