The Tears of Isis Added to Amazon Author Central

A little bit of utility work has been going on, namely in trying to get my “author’s page” on Amazon into a more coherent format.  Some mysteries remain, the highlighting of obscure poems in even more obscure and unobtainable journals of twenty or more years ago as more “new or popular” than major anthologies of just a few months back.  The mysterious “gaps” indicating times, some more recent than one might expect, when I have seemingly published nothing, belying the stuffed Imagebookcases on the east side of the Computer Cave Annex.  But oddities will abound, no matter what — a part of that wondrous, enchanted world we call publishing!

More to the point in any event, there are improvements.  An all-new biographical statement, pretentious yet prim, and cut off by the arcane rules of Amazon just where I invite readers to get in touch via comments on this blog, and to encourage their friends to do the same.  But there is a button that can be pushed to see all revealed.  A feed to this very blog you are reading now, resulting in the latest topics listed to the biography’s right.  A truly good picture of me at a not-that-unrecent Upstart Poets (cf. April 24; September 27, April 27 2012; et al.) reading courtesy of local studio (I recommend them!).  And most of all, THE TEARS OF ISIS has now been added to my bibliography — not at the top exactly but it’s there, maybe five or six slots down.  So it hasn’t been around long enough to be named most popular, but you out there know what you can do.  And by all means please encourage your friends to do the same ;-).

To see the spiffed-up Author Central site for yourself, the all-new url is an easy to remember, and can be reached by pressing here.


  1. To my shock, TEARS OF ISIS only has one star at Amazon! I’ll have to change that with (I’m sure) a 5 star rating review when I read it. It’s next in line, but I’m also reading the Vonnegut in tandem.

  2. Hi marge. Yes, I appreciate it–thanks! The reviewer originally posted on Goodreads where she’d received the book in a drawing and, I think, misread the blurb, expecting something along the lines of a book primarily of retold fairy tales. However, Cindy is the only overtly retold tale (along with The Ice Maiden’s iconic “sleeping beauty” and River Red as a pre-Grimm,roots-influenced transformation of Snow White to the world of the Tombs) and, along with (again, I think) a possible aversion to horror stories in the case of some of the others, the reader was understandably disappointed. Ironically, a second Goodreads reviewer gave it 4 stars saying she disliked the cover and “agreed” that the blurb could have been more descriptive about the stories, but liked the stories themselves and even pointed out several favorites. Unfortunately, though, she didn’t post it on Amazon too.

    So (noting you’re reading the Vonnegut too) it goes. 🙂

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