Flesh to Republish in Horrified Press Antho; Dark Moon Young Adult Horror Received

June has been a month for story reprints.  First there was “The Shackles” being accepted for Forgotten Tomb Press’s 100 DOORS TO MADNESS (cf. June 5), then “The Cherry Tree” for MISERIA’S CHORALE (cf. June 11) by the same publisher.  Then, today, word came from Editors Suzie and Bruce Lockhart that “Flesh” has been accepted for their anthology NIGHTMARE STALKERS & DREAM WALKERS for publication some time next year by Horrified Press.  “Flesh,” first published in the Spring 1999 issue of MAELSTROM SPECULATIVE FICTION, is a somewhat Imagequirky surrealistic tale of a man who decides it’s time to get fat, based on a warning received in a dream.  Say what?!!  Well, with any luck I’ll let you know when NIGHTMARE STALKERS & DREAM WALKERS comes out, so then you’ll be able to see for yourself.

NIGHTMARE STALKERS & DREAM WALKERS is currently reading until February 20 2014 and, if interested, guidelines can be found by pressing here and scrolling down to their “Open for Submissions” announcement.  They warn you, though, that while there may be a chance of royalties, it’s mainly a “4 the luv” market.  In my case, I don’t mind paying forward a little, especially in the case of reprints — today’s startup presses may be tomorrow’s better-paying giants — but there’s another angle for me too.  I do have my new book out, THE TEARS OF ISIS, and getting my name in front of more people, even if just a few, who might read my story here and like it, might also get them looking for places — and telling their friends too! — where they can find more.

In other news, the pizza fund has been replenished with a check received today along with my copy of DARK MOON DIGEST YOUNG ADULT HORROR (see June 10, April 26, 21).  So hopefully younger readers might DarkMoonYAPremieredecide they like my stuff as well :-), though the larger picture is to get them into reading, period.  However I am proud that Editors Lori Michelle and Stan Swanson chose my story, “Cyclops,” as one that would  represent the horror genre in this premiere issue.  DARK MOON DIGEST YOUNG ADULT HORROR with many more authors as well was available in time for World Horror Con this year in New Orleans, but for those who may have missed it there, it can also be found via Amazon by pressing here.


  1. Yes, grrrrreat going, Jim! It’s nice to recycle previously published works of genius and especially good you are joining to entice young adults to read.

  2. Was that a sinister “heh heh” or what?

  3. Just put in a live link to Amazon on THE TEARS OF ISIS for the little nippers. . . .

  4. (Though actually there may be some adult themes)

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