Untreed Reads, Dark Regions Announce Summer Sales

Not one but two publishers have announced early summer sales, both of which include titles by me.  To celebrate Independence Day, Untreed Reads Publishing is offering readers any four short stories, normally priced at up to 99 cents, for only $1.00 for all four between now and July 4..  Just put four stories in your shImageopping cart and enter the coupon code FIREWORKS — but note that the sale is good only at the Untreed Reads store.  Two stories of mine are eligible for the special price, VANITAS which, as a steampunk/mystery crossover, is listed under their Science Fiction imprint, and I’M DREAMING OF. . . ., under Horror.  Mixing and matching titles and genres is okay, as is ordering books as gifts.  So to find my titles, just  click their pictures in the center column on this page, or else go to the Untreed Reads Stores site by pressing here and enter “Dorr” in the search box you’ll find there (but note that my two other Untreed Reads titles are not eligible, PEDS which is listed as a novelette/novella and APPOINTMENT IN TIME which is in the YEAR’S END New Years anthology, so you’ll get to select two other stories by different authors as well).

Then in the world of physical printed books, Dark Regions Press has announced a fifty percent off clearance on all stock as a part of their moving their business operations to Portland, Oregon — but only while supplies last.  Two collections of mine are in the mix, STRANGE MISTRESSES:  TALES OF WONDER AND ROMANCE and DARKER LOVES:  TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET, both of which can be reached by clicking their pictures in the center column or pressing here and then entering “Dorr” in the Dark Regions search box.  Here the coupon code to enter at checkout is MOVINGSALE.

In both cases the coupons can be used as many times as you like, so that’s two electronic, and two in paper — and all at great prices if you hurry.  Happy summer reading!


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