The Tears of Isis Icon Updated; Amazon Offers Discount

As of today, people who click on the cover image of THE TEARS OF ISIS in the center column just to the right will find it connects them to an enhanced version of the book’s Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing webpage, including a quotation from Editor/Publisher Max Booth III’s introduction along with information from the back-of-the-book blurb.  The previous version, which also can still be reached via PMMP’s main website by clicking “Library,” then scrolling down to THE TEARS OF ISIS and clicking its picture there, features a longer descriptive blurb — this is the one on Goodreads as well — plus an offer and address regarding reviewers’ copies (cf. June 10 below).

What the change to the center column image does is bring you to the page you’d reach by clicking on the “Now Available:  THE TEARS OF ISIS by James Dorr” rolling link on the PMMP home page (another link, “Long and Short Reviews Interviews PMMP Author James Dorr,” is also offered on the home page as well as in a sidebar on the “Now Available” page) with, along with the material in the paragraph above, an easier, more direct way to get to Amazon’s pages for ordering either the paper or Kindle isis4_21versions of the book.  Just scroll down to the link of your choice or, if in a real hurry, try clicking on the words “new story collection” right up at the top.  And I might add that right now Amazon is offering a discount on both editions.

Then finally the image of THE TEARS OF ISIS’s cover on Amazon is “live” as well, for a preview of the opening pages (including the “Introduction,” the opening poem “La Méduse,” the entire first story “In the Octopus’s Garden,” and the beginning portion of “Bottles”) in the Kindle edition.  This is readable on the computer, for those who might not have Kindles themselves, and is the same text (though perhaps with different typefaces, etc.) as in the print version.  So read the descriptions, the reviews, the rest, even the interview with me via the PMMP “Now Available.. . .” webpage (for another interview of me on THE WRITERS’ LENS, see May 29), but then look inside the book for yourself.

If you like what you see there, please tell your friends too!


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