Disturbed Received: 2nd Vampire Poem Mystery Solved; Contracts Signed for Bloodbond, Andromedia’s Offspring, Borderlands 2

DISTURBED DIGEST arrived today from Alban Lake Publishing, solving the Vampire Poetry Mystery posited in the June 17 post.  The poem “It Would Be Wrong” appears indeed along with cover poem “The Specialist” with, as an extra, an ad for VAMPS A RETROSPECTIVE) on the double page following the poems.  And in the ad, the text of another poem, “The Aeronaut,” appears as quoted on VAMPS’ back cover — so that’s three poems in all by me in the first ever issue of a nice sized (118 pages) horror magazine edited by ex-Sam’s Dot veteran Terrie Relf.

In other action, over the last two days since my return from World Horror Con I’ve been attending to some of the little bits of the trade, in


Cover art by Jim Burns for ANDROMEDA’S OFFSPRING, Vol. 1

this particular case signing contracts.  Three contracts in all.  So here are some other publications that, the contracts being returned, other pre-publication necessities being seen to, should be coming out in the hopefully near future.

Also edited by Terrie Relf for Alban Lake Publishing, my poem “In the Company or Wolves” will be in the premiere issue of BLOODBOND (cf. May 16).  As the title of the poem may imply, this is one about werewolves rather than vampires.  Then, from Fringeworks, ANDROMEDA’S OFFSPRING Volume 1 (cf. April 5) should be coming from England.  The call for this was to “combine classic SF tropes (alien species, space opera, time travel, etc.) with strong female protagonists,” with my story in it a reprint, originally published in the Spring 1994 issue of MINDSPARKS, “Golden Age.”  And finally, not a reprint per. se, but a new edition, BORDERLANDS 2 (Borderlands Press limited edition, Avon Books, 1991; White Wolf, 1994) will be coming out finally in electronic form, with my story in this one — one of my first in a fully professional market — called “Romance Unlimited.”


  1. Way to go, Jim! I haven’t had time to comment once home from NOLA. I did find DISTURBED with Sandy DeLuca’s excellent disturbing cover and your work within –I have a poem in there myself. ANDROMEDA’S OFFSPRING sounds great! More congrats to you!

  2. Thanks Marge! It was great to see you and Bruce in New Orleans too, and congratulations on that Poetry Stoker!

  3. Oh, and I can’t wait to read TEARS of ISIS, which you signed for me at the mass autographing session!

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