Cherry Tree Taken for Forgotten Tomb Press Miseria’s Chorale

Another week, another acceptance?  Would that it would always work out that way.  But things come in clumps, sometimes.  “MISERIA’S CHORALE is a planned anthology of horror short stories comprising the best in the genre from both established and new voices,” the guidelines read.  “This will be the first volume in what is set to be an annual release.  The topics of your stories can be far-ranging, however originality is key.  We also encourage writers to push the envelope.  Nothing is off-limits.  We are Imageparticularly interested in dark, atmospheric literary fiction that shows a proficiency in language and tone.  Terrify us.  Challenge the boundaries of horror.”  Heady stuff, this, that turns out to be for apparently the flagship anthology of Forgotten Tomb Press, who we’ve met before (cf. June 5) as publisher of the flash anthology 100 DOORS TO MADNESS which recently took my reprint vampire tale “The Shackles.”

And not only that, the editor asked with that acceptance if I was interested in submitting something to MISERIA’S CHORALE.  Then followed a little bit of negotiation (if you check the guidelines a portion can be seen in the Comments at the bottom) and, well, sometimes new publishers grow to be big ones — think of it as an investment in the future — and, anyway, why not?  So I sent a piece called “The Cherry Tree,” a present-day ghost story with antecedents going back to the Siege of Vicksburg during the War Between the States.  And so, today, the word came back:  “We are pleased to confirm we will be including ‘The Cherry Tree’ in the anthology.  A tense poetic piece topped off with exceptional writing.  Excellent work.”


If interested, the guidelines for MISERIA’S CHORALE can be found by pressing here.  The word count for stories is 2000 to 10,000 words (“The Cherry Tree” is 5100) with a listed deadline at the end of  September, but Editor David Nell hopes to fill it sooner (he has 20 stories already accepted!), so tarrying too long might not be a good idea.  He’s aiming for the book to be out “by October at the latest,” but again hopes to make that earlier.  Also, in the spirit of full disclosure, my story is a reprint initially published in SONGS FOR DEAD SINGERS (Catalyst Books, 2002), but the guidelines favor original stories so best query about reprints first.


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