First Dark Moon Digest YA Issue to Premiere at WHC; Special Offer for The Tears of Isis Reviewers; New Editions of 2011 Indiana SF, Horror Anthos

Three quickies for Monday:  For starters, Editor/Publisher Stan Swanson announced this afternoon that the premiere issue of DARK MOON DIGEST’s Young Adult issue (cf. April 26, 21) “is now available at Amazon just in time for New Orleans.  We will have several copies with us, but if you won’t be in New Orleans, here is the link.  With stories from Jonathan Maberry, Joe McKinney, Nancy Holder, Paul Kane, Caren Widner Hanten (C. W. LaSart), James Dorr, Jg Faherty, Max Booth III and many more.  Don’t miss it.  This is our first attempt at a collection of young adult fiction and we think we nailed it. :)”  Swanson adds that if the issue does well enough, they’ll be planning for issue #2 for this fall.

Several authors in this edition are planning to be at the New Orleans World Horror Convention, with a Mass Signing session scheduled for 7 p.m. this Friday, June 14.  I know I’ll be there — my story in the issue is “Cyclops” for those who want to check it out — from 7 to 8 (the signing is in two shifts this year, with a second to follow from 8 to 9, at which time I’ll be in the hallway or else in the Con Suite with pen in hand for any late comers).  For reasons having to do with the convention’s non-profit tax status, though, many of us may be reluctant to sell books ourselves at the session proper — so buy them first at the Dealers Room, then bring them with you (to my best knowledge, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing won’t have an official Dealers Room booth itself, but Editor/Publisher Max Booth III will likely be found at or near the Dark Moon Books table, with copies of my own THE TEARS OF ISIS in his backpack to sell you too, so ask him for it), or check with authors in the hallways (which as public areas, independent of the convention, would not be affected) at more or less any time during the con.

Then, speaking of THE TEARS OF ISIS — or “quickie” announcement number 2 — Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing has announced on the book’s site that “if you are a book reviewer and would like a free copy of THE TEARS OF ISIS (epub, mobi or pdf) please contact us at”  More information on THE TEARS OF ISIS for reviewers and non-reviewers alike (including the announcement just quoted, way at the bottom) can be found by pressing the book’s picture at the top of  the center column.

Then, finally, James Ward Kirk has announced that INDIANA SCIENCE FICTION ANTHOLOGY 2011 (cf. October 8 2011, et al.) has been republished in a new edition and with a new cover.  “Here you will find some of the beImagest science fiction by today’s Indiana writers.  Discover worlds where alien insemination happens more often than you think.  Find planets where frogs rule and love wins every time.  As a writer and publisher of horror (Indiana Horror Anthology for 2011), I must admit I first fell love with science fiction. Science fiction will transport a reader to the far corners of the universe and the most inner and secret spaces within us as human beings.  With that said, I also like a little horror in my science fiction.  Visit hell only the way a writer of science fiction may portray.  Indiana science fiction writers number among the best in the Milky Way, if not the entire universe.  Come inside and see for yourself.”  This joins a new edition last month of  INDIANA HORROR ANTHOLOGY 2011 (see August 30, May 25 2011), with both books being available in both editions (including Kindle) and at new low prices via Amazon.

My entries in these are the froggie story alluded to in the science fiction anthology and a tale of an updated carnival “chicken show” in the one on horror.


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