Shackles First Acceptance for June

Another month starts and, even with the excitement of seeing a book published, there are the little submissions too, the small stories, the poems, that must be attended to.  These, after all, may become the stuff of tomorrow’s collections.  Or maybe it’s just life — another thing out, another thing back.  Be that as it may, today brought the new month’s first acceptance, a flash story reprint, “The Shackles,” to be part of Forgotten Tomb Press’s upcoming anthology, 100 DOORS TO MADNESS.

It’s a “for the love” market but what the heck, who could resist a title like that?  The idea is to assemble one hundred flash horror stories, ranging in length from 250 to 1200 words, “celebrating the diversity of the genre,” according to Editor David Nell.  “100 scares.  100 authors.  100 ways to creep into readers’ minds.”    In the case of “The Shackles,” a homage in part to the 1936 Universal Studios film DRACULA’S DAUGHTER, it should find itself with good company, planned to be published no later than September 2013, but possibly earlier if the book fills up before its posted August 31 deadline.

“The Shackles” is a reprint, first published in, December 1 2009, as Third Place Winner in the Ligonier Valley Writers 2009 Flash Fiction Contest.  But non-prize winners, and non-pre-published tales are welcome as well for 100 DOORS TO MADNESS — as Hamlet might say, the story’s the thing!  (Just make it scary: )=  For information, including a list of stories and authors accepted thus far, press here.

  1. Thanks, Jim! I saw Eric Guignard (HWA member) also has a story in it. So I thought I’d give them a try with a previously published story too. Good company, you and Eric! I don’t know the other names, though.

  2. Hi Marge. I don’t recognize all the other names myself, to be honest, but then we, and Eric, can attract our friends and raise the tenor of the book all around, yes? Forgotten Tomb is also reading for an anthology of full length stories (2000-10,000 words) called MISERIA’S CHORALE if interested. There’s a link to it on the 100 DOORS page, though it takes sharp eyes to find (or you can use the “Other Posts” button there that’s easier to find).

  3. I think I’d like to see what happens with 100 Doors (or Dorr’s –lol) first! Thanks!

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