But Speaking of Fairy Tales — Match Story Out in Playing With Fire

Speaking of fairy tales, even if they aren’t what THE TEARS OF ISIS is primarily about, by coincidence word has just come that PLAYING WITH FIRE (cf. May 12, April 8), Third Flatiron ImagePublishing’s summer anthology, is now available on Smashwords as well as Kindle, with Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Sony to follow.  And wouldn’t you know, my part in this is an 1800-word, um, fairy tale based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Match Girl” called “The Match Story.”  Except Andersen’s version doesn’t have zombies.

And, come to think of it, neither Andersen’s story or mine actually has fairies in it either, but chacun à son goût, yes?   Or as Editor Juliana Rew put it, “The story [that is, mine] was quite on the nose regarding the theme.  We found it cute yet grim, or vice versa.”

Third Flatiron is currently reading for its next quarterly anthology on the subject of “Lost Worlds,” with a deadline of June 30.  If interested more information can be found on their website by pressing here.


  1. This sounds delicious! I will be buying a copy. Are you bringing some to the signing? Also that’s funny about the reviewer saying (your) blurb was full of pretentious language!! Not knowing it was your own.

    I may wait till I get back to buy a copy, though.

  2. Hi Marge! THE TEARS OF ISIS will be at NOLA mostly in the hands of Max Booth III, though I’ll be getting some from him there. Perpetual Motion Machine won’t have its own table in the Dealer’s Room, but Max should be spending a lot of his time hanging out at Dark Moon’s table as I understand it. I’m encouraging him to try to sell “his” copies to people for them to bring in to the autograph session rather than buy from me in the autographing room itself to avoid the problem HWA sees with their non-profit status if sales are made in a function room (presumably the Dealers Room would be exempt). Failing that, since we now have just 1-hour signing sessions (I’m in the first hour, as I think you are and Max too), I may encourage people to wait till the 2nd hour begins and buy from me in the hall outside (which would be a public area) if they hadn’t gotten copies already. But I’m mostly hoping folks will get copies from Max for me to sign (for which I’ll get a royalty that’s about the same as what I’d get on copies I sell myself, and then take “my” copies home to sell, notably at InConjunction — Indianapolis convention — 3 weeks later, etc.

    PLAYING WITH FIRE is simpler, though. It’s only in e-book format so you have to get it via the internet.

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