The Tears of Isis Redux (Let’s Start Off the Month With a Table of Contents)

To start off a new month, an appetite whetter for THE TEARS OF ISIS?  Or possibly a clearing up of a misconception.  An early reviewer had read the blurb on the book’s back cover and, from it, expected (I gather) primarily retold fairy tales with some myths mixed in.  I apologize — I wrote the blurb myself (“long on pretentious language and short on plot description” as another reviewer has put it 🙂 )* — and while it does mention “revisiting legends of Cinderella and the Golden Fleece, of Sleeping Beauty and Dragons and Snow White — some of these, of course, well disguised,” it also speaks of “sculpture and blood-drinking, crafting musical instruments from bone . . . vampires, and ghouls, and insects perhaps from outer space as well as from this Earth, and visions of Saturn and life in the sea. . . .”  That is, while there are other books of fairy tales reworked (one that came out not too long ago, RAPUNZEL’S DAUGHTERS AND OTHER TALES, cf. July 3 2011 et al., even leads off with a flash piece by me titled “The Glass Shoe”), I’d meant to suggest that THE TEARS OF ISIS, while held together (I hope) with a loose theme of art and destruction, actually offers a variety of story types, past, present, and future.  Mea culpa (though  Sleeping Beauty and Snow White do inform, if not so literally, “The Ice Maiden” and “River Red” respectively)

But as a longer (and possibly more pretentious — hey, I’m having fun with these things; think of it as channeling my inner Vincent Price) advertising blurb has it:  “It is for the reader to decide.”

So to aid such decisions, as well as for those who just may be curious, herewith a listing of contents for THE TEARS OF ISIS.  Perhaps there’s a favorite story you’ve read and were trying to find to read again, or maybe a particular title will intrigue.  In any event, here’s what you’ll find in THE TEARS OF ISIS, including one of the longer stories, “The Ice Maiden,” which has never appeared before in any format.

Retrograde Motions (an introduction by Max Booth III)
La Méduse (poem)
In the Octopus’s Garden
Bottles isis4_21
Store Teeth
Bones, Bones, the Musical Fruit
A Business Affair in Dioscuras
The Ice Maiden
Mara’s Room
The Candle Room
The Christmas Rat
Moons of Saturn
The Birdcatchers
The Bala Worm
River Red
The Tears of Isis

Appetites piqued?  For more information or to order THE TEARS OF ISIS, click on its picture at the top of the center column or, if more convenient, press here.


*(Also, in fairness, this one praised the stories themselves.)


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