Prospective Journal “Angel” Anthology Takes The Left Behinds

Perhaps we remember PROSPECTIVE:  A JOURNAL OF SPECULATION with its intriguingly  themed anthology issues such as CTHULHU:  A LOVE STORY (cf. January 10 2013, September 21 2012) and WHEN SIRENS CALL (May 11, February 21 2013), for which I sold, respectively, the poems “Slow-Motion” and “It  Must Have Been that New Fishfood,” and “Terpsichore’s Daughter” and “Medusa’s Daughter.”  This latest time out the announced theme was AFTER THE FALL, ANGELS ARE KIND OF DICKS and, in an only semi-last-minute way this time (a full ten days before deadline!), I decided to try a piece of flash fiction on them.  So Monday afternoon the word came back, that Editor/Publisher Lauren Stone has accepted my “The Left Behinds,” a riff on the Book of Revelation concerning three who had missed the Rapture (and not surprisingly since, as one of the three explains, it’s a made up conceit that’s not in the Bible), one who thought he should have been taken, one who was no better than she ought to be, and one who had frittered away his life watching horror movies.  Or so the first, Mr. Holier than Thou, proclaimed.

“The Left Behinds” will be appearing in the Summer issue, with the fall issue open for submissions on July 5 through Aug 15 on the theme SURRENDER THE SASQUATCH AND NO ONE GETS HURT.  More information can be found here.


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