Company of Wolves Accepted for Bloodbond; The Tears of Isis on Kindle as Well as in Print

And . . . following the giddiness of a new book release, another poem got itself accepted yesterday evening by BLOODBOND magazine.  This is a sister publication (and sharing the same editor, Terrie Relf) of DISTURBED, which accepted two vampire poems from me last week (cf. May  9).  As for BLOODBOND, “[y]our story [or poem, article, review, etc.] should take us into the world of the vampire, were-critter, or shapeshifter, and should take us into the mind and experience of your protagonist.”  In my case, I raise the question that, while being a werewolf and romping through woodlands may be fine fun when one is a teen, what do you do “In the Company of Wolves” when it’s time to grow up.

BLOODBOND will publish biannually with “In the Company of Wolves” to be in their premiere issue, out in November.  Submission information for BLOODBOND can be found here.

Meanwhile let us not forget that THE TEARS OF ISIS has been released, with a little bit more information available now.  Both Kindle and paperback editions are available from Amazon although at separate “addresses” for the moment.  So until the pages are merged, which should be soon, to find the Kindle edition (only $2.99 — how’s that for cheap!) press here, or for the trade paperback press here.  Also, for those who bring their print editions to World Horror Convention next month, there’s an autograph session on Friday night, but even if we just meet in the hall I’ll be glad to sign them!


  1. I’ll be in the first issue(s) too, with DeLuca artwork. I look forward to reading yours in both Bloodbond and Disturbed!

  2. Hey, great! What great company too!

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