Two Poems Accepted by New “Disturbed” Magazine

I’ve been sluggish of late about getting poetry out to the marketplace, but I haven’t neglected it altogether.  And so, a tad after 9:30 p.m. Wednesday (we poet and editor types work late) e-word came in that two poems, “The Specialist” and “It Would Be Wrong,” have been accepted by DISTURBED DIGEST for their premiere issue, to be out in June.  DISTURBED is one of several titles by new imprint Alban Lake Publishing, and is edited by  Terrie Relf, until recently with Sam’s Dot Publishing (e.g. HUNGUR and others, cf. July 27 2012).  Of DISTURBED DIGEST, Terrie says “[p]referred are fantasy adventure stories and spooky horror stories.  For us, this includes paranormal and vampire pieces.  Also preferred are stories that take place on other worlds.”  Or as she said to me, specifically concerning poetry, “we’re stressing ominous and spooky here” or, in short, the disturbing.

Of course it depends on what disturbs you.  In my case, while not taking place on other worlds, both “The Specialist” and “It Would Be Wrong” are about vampires — and especially self-justifying ones to boot — with perhaps more than disturbing takes on logic to explain exactly why their victims should practically thank them for what they’re about to do.

And as for DISTURBED, the Digest, more information can be obtained here.


  1. Congratulations, Jim! I am sure your poems would be disturbing, if that’s what you were aiming for! BTW, I was looking over DREAMS of DUALITY again today, and wanted to compliment you on “Jessie”, which was a Dreams of Duality Award Winner in the collection last year! Good story, indeed!

  2. Actually I’d sent Terrie some funny poems first, which she rejected adding the quote at the end of the first paragraph, so I sent some more which weren’t funny but apparently weren’t disturbing enough either. However she encouraged me to try once more, with the issue deadline breathing down our (pardon the expression) necks, and it was only then that two of those made it. (“Jessie,” on the other hand, is sort of a nostalgia piece on college life and the fraternity/sorority system, no? Well, with a little bit of the Bible — great book to steal from! — thrown in.)

  3. Say, then. Were you in a frat?

  4. I was in a sorority for about 4 months. When they told us we shouldn’t date independents, and added that we shouldn’t vote for anyone who wasn’t in a frat for Prez of the Student Union, I depledged. Unheard of! And then the others in my pledge class asked me why and about eight of them or more depleged too, once they heard my reasons. Laugh? I dunno. Kind of sad, really.

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