First (of Three) The Tears of Isis Interview Posted; The Tears of Isis Is Now at Printer

The first of three interviews of me about THE TEARS OF ISIS (see just below for May 3, et al.) is now live from LONG AND SHORT REVIEWS, with the book itself to be released, if all stays on schedule, in just a week and a day.  This is the first of three planned interviews, the next to be on THE WRITERS’ LENS in late May/early June and the third by DUSTY PAGES in Britain later this summer on July 29.  There’s room for more though for any bloggers who might be reading this, just let me know — a comment here will do or go to “James Dorr” on Facebook and look for the avatar of the flying crow (the dirty bird?).  And, speaking of dirt — and more! — find out the secrets of “The Tombs” (perhaps even more about this ongoing set of stories than about the book itself except that it gives some insight into how I go about writing — and three of them are in THE TEARS OF ISIS), as well as additional details on the collection and who knows what else, by checking the interview out right here.

LONG AND SHORT REVIEWS also has its own webpage here that might be interesting too, while, if you’ve a yen to get your THE TEARS OF ISIS pre-order in now, check the publisher’s site by pressing here.  Or, if you feel lucky, you can sign up at Goodreads by pressing here for a chance of winning one of five free copies.  The deadline for this is the publication date,  May 15.

Then one more item, today brought an email from Lori Michelle at Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing to the effect that THE TEARS OF ISIS has been sent to the printer.  The next step is that she’ll get a proof back for final approval (no pages printed upside down, etc.), and then let the presses roll!

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