Interview, Contracts Sent, Corrected Proofs Back for The Tears Of Isis for Final Check

Another multiple happenings day for the start of a new month, with beautiful weather and, also, the cave cat Wednesday’s Official Birthday.  She got two new toy spiders to play with, a large one and a small one, plus a special treat after her supper.  For more on Wednesday, readers are invited to click on her name under “PAGES” on the far right.

To business, though, I’ve just finished sending back answers, etc., for the third of the series of interviews coming out to welcome my latest collection, THE TEARS OF ISIS.  This should be published on Teresa Schnellmann’s THE WRITERS’ LENS around the end of this month or the beginning of June.  Thrill to the answers to such questions as, “What do you think readers will like about your book,” or, better yet, buy a copy of THE TEARS OF ISIS and then tell me.

Also yesterday and today saw my signing two contracts, with Grey Matter Press and their anthology SPLATTERLANDS for “The Artist” (see below, February 9), the tale of an honest man trying to make a blue-collar living as a fancy butcher, and Dark Moon Books for “Cyclops,” the story of a child born with a “difference,” for the premier Young Adults edition of DARK MOON DIGEST (see April 26, 21).  Dark Moon also sent proof sheets with the contract which went in today too.

Then, finally, the corrected proofs have come back for THE TEARS OF ISIS, still on target for a May 15 release.  This is the big one, with just this last look-through needed on this end (plus a few things like back cover design, etc., to be finalized at Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing), and then on to the printer!

But Wednesday is taking it all in stride.


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