Sunrise Revival Accepted as Reprint for Nightfall Magazine

More good news!  Word has come from Editor Dora Badger of NIGHTFALL that they’ve accepted a reprint story, “Sunrise Revival,” for their September issue.  NIGHTFALL is one of several new print publications announced last year by White Cat Publications, specializing “primarily in good quality writing in the dark fiction genre. We will consider stories of most variants of this genre except stories involving excessive gore or erotica.”  It will be published semi-annually with issues in September and March.

Originally published in THE HAUNTED SUN in January 1991, “Sunrise Revival” is neither gore-filled nor erotic, but it does have pigs — at least by association — in that it has to do in part with a revival preacher’s sermon on the subject of the Gadarene swine (cf. Matthew, viii, 28-34).  As for the other part, i.e. the “the world is doomed” portion of it, well, you’ll just have to read it for yourself when the issue comes out!

  1. Your reports of sales and publications always give me zest to keep trying, Jim!

  2. Marge, thanks! I think the “secret” is just to write a lot, hopefully with most of it halfway decent, then submit a lot and keep sending it out. But you do that too, so we’re two of a kind (though I have to admit, I’ve been neglecting my poetry submissions).

    But now I’ve just gotten another email which means a surprise for tomorrow as well! (Or I have to admit, April is ending up on a high note. Sort of like the weather here too.)

  3. YIPPEE! So good to hear this, Jim! Give Wednesday a special treat tonight? Celebration time is here!

  4. Hi, James,

    Forgotten Tomb Press just recently opened submissions for Miseria’s Chorale, a non-paying horror anthology to be headlined by some of the best in the genre from around the world.

    Since we do not have much in the way of exposure, we are busy personally inviting contributors. We would like to make this project into something special, and we believe your talent could greatly bolster the anthology.

    As we are a fledgling company and lacking financial backing, your only incentive will be exposure. But, seeing as we are planning this to be a big anthology, your name will join other notable horror writers.

    Please have a look at the short, concise submission guidelines for Miseria’s Chorale:

    If you are interested in being a part of this project, we eagerly anticipate your entry. Thank you for your time.


    David Nell
    Forgotten Tomb Press

  5. Hi David,

    Thanks for the kind words. I looked at your link and am thinking, perhaps, of your companion anthology instead, 100 DOORS TO MADNESS, since it accepts reprints. Tell me, though, even if these are both “for the love,” do contributors at least get a complimentary copy (perhaps, at a minimum, an uncorrected .pdf of the book, therefore doubling as a proofreading copy, but also allowing the authors to read the book as a whole, not to mention describe it to friends, writers group members, etc., who might then want to buy copies for themselves)?

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