The Tears of Isis Proof Sheets Turned In; Upstart Poets; Dark Moon Young Adult Contents Announced

Ever notice how one can go sometimes for nearly a week with nothing much happening, then, all of a sudden, new things are occurring all around, all at once?  Or almost all at once.

So it has been this week with today bringing, finally, the last page of proofreading for THE TEARS OF ISIS.  In general, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing has done a tremendous job of setting it up almost error free.  But always there will be a few things that slip by — some even maybe (blush) errors that I hadn’t caught before on the MS when I turned it in — and there will be, no doubt, a few things missed this time.  But it’s worth the effort.  I’ve read, too many times, reviews that go out of their way to report a negative impression caused simply by mechanical errors in a book or story.  And I myself have sometimes been jolted out of a story by some egregious error in typesetting, no matter how good the writing itself may be.

So anyhow now it’s just gone back into the publisher’s hands.  And you who may end up yourselves reviewing THE TEARS OF ISIS, please realize that, if you do find something wrong, it’s not because either the editors or author didn’t do the best they could to make the book error free.

Then Thursday, as noted below on April 19, Upstart Poets went beck into business with an informal all-open mike session this time, allowing time for me to read four unpublished poems, tDarkMoonYAPremierehe one I alluded to last week about the fight of the century — Godzilla vs. King Kong, one about werewolves noting that it was a night with a full moon, and two of a burgeoning mini-series of poems I’ve been writing on vampire etiquette.  In all it was a good and a pleasant time, though a chilly snap in the last few days’ weather dictated that I bring a thermos of  hot coffee as my libation in the partly open-air People’s Bar.

Then finally Editor Stan Swanson has announced a tentative Table of Contents for the upcoming special Young Adult edition of DARK MOON DIGEST (see April 21). In all there are 15 stories right now — with the one in the alphabetized #4 position by me, to be sure — in what will apparently become a separate magazine and will officially debut at World Horror Convention in mid-June.

Among Men by Joe McKinney
Are the Stars Out Tonight? by Nancy Holder
Creepy Town by C. W. LaSart
Cyclops by James Dorr
Deadly Thin Ice by Dawn Napier
Franklinstein by John Peel
Lonely is the Mothman by Jg Faherty
Mounting Fairies for Display by Kevin David Anderson
Overdue Books by Jonathan Maberry
Rotten Inside by Kimberly Yerina
Scratch by Jeff Szpirglas
Smothered by Sarah Ahiers
Super by Max Booth III
The Nightmare Project by Stacey Turner
The Rainbow Coat by Paul Kane

For those who make it to WHC, I suspect there’ll be quite a few copies, as well as authors around for autographing.

  1. Looking really, really good! Speaking of typos I recall reading one author’s confession that they thought all was going well with their first novel until they opened to the first page of the published copy to find their herione starts off with “Hello, sweaty” instead of “Hello, sweetie.”

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