The Tears of Isis Interview #1 Scheduled; Third Interview May Be In the Offing

The first of two interviews on THE TEARS OF ISIS (see below, April 19 and 17) has now been officially scheduled for May 7, a week and a day before the official publication date of May 15.  Hosted by Judy Thomas and Marianne Arkins for LONG AND SHORT REVIEWS, questions will be fielded on THE TEARS OF ISIS itself, as well as on me, my lifestyle, my writing, questions both straightforward and . . . well, weird, and with answers to match.  Also the chance to win a free copy is still being offered on the Goodreads page for THE TEARS OF ISIS, a link for which should appear with the interview (though those who don’t want to wait that long to sign up can always press here now).  Also, for an advance look at the LONG AND SHORT REVIEWS site you can press here.  A direct link to the interview will be provided on these pages, of course, on May 7 when it’s posted.

Also, once I’ve finished going over the proof sheets for THE TEARS OF ISIS (only four stories to go — maybe I can get through two more tonight!), I’ll be starting on questions for a third interview, tentatively scheduled to come in late May/early June, to fall between LONG AND SHORT REVIEWS’ May 7 pre-publication warm up and Sonnet O’Dell’s interview for DUSTY PAGES later this summer on July 29.  This new one will be by Teresa Schnellmann for THE WRITERS’ LENS to come shortly after the book has been published, and will be intended as a reminder in part for those going to World Horror Convention on June 13-16, to join both publisher Max Booth III and me in New Orleans.


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