Cyclops Accepted for Young Adult Dark Moon Digest; Ghost Ship Sailing Toward Print

Excitement continues!  Last December the word had gone out that DARK MOON DIGEST planned a special issue,  one geared toward young adult readers.  “Ghosts?  Zombies?  Vampires?  Witches?  Werewolves?  Chupacabra?  It’s all up to you.  Just remember:  Keep it exciting and moving along.  Let’s give the younger generation a taste of horror and keep them reading.”

Sounded good to me at the time — and I’d had dealings with DARK MOON before (e.g, as a book publisher, cf. AFTER DEATH, ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES, November 9, 5 2012, et al.; for the DIGEST, April 27 2012, et al.), so why not?    So I sent off a 750-word or so short short called “The Cyclops,” noting that while the protagonist is actually younger than those in the intended audience, it was “on a theme of alienation and isolation brought through ‘differentness’ that might appeal to young adults.”

This afternoon Editor Stan Swanson emailed, “We would like to use ‘Cyclops’ in the special young adult issue of DARK MOON DIGEST.  Great story and it will be a good fit.”  SuggestedImage edits and a contract are to follow.

So, a good guess on my part, eh?  More details also will follow here.

Then, as proofing of THE TEARS OF ISIS ramps up into high gear, I’ve also received an email from Red Skies Press editor Mark Crittenden that proof sheets for TECHNO-GOTH CTHULHU (see September 8, August 20 2012, et al.) will be sent out soon, so, while delayed a bit from an originally hoped for publication date last Decenber, the anthology is getting back on the fast track.  My contribution in this is “Ghost Ship,” a story set in the far-future dying-Earth world of the “Tombs,” in this case on an  island  in the south seas for which its own future has come to a stop.

Again, more details will follow as they are known.


  1. Good news for you, Jim! This year is really shaping up well for you – and you certainly deserve it!

  2. Hi Marge. Yes, it is the 3rd story acceptance for this month (one reprint) which isn’t at all bad. And then There’s the book coming out next month too!

    Now if I can only bring my poetry submissions back up. . . .

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