After Death Received; Second New Tears of Isis Questionnaire (Almost) Completed

Huzzah!  The last few days I’ve been reading delighted readers’ Facebook reports and the like about how they’ve received their copies of AFTER DEATH (see April 3, et al.) and how great the book is.  This is Eric J. Guignard’s anthology from Dark Moon Books about “what awaits” (hey, that’s what it says on the back cover) “once our frail human shell expires.  What occurs after the heart stops beating, after the last breath is drawn, after life as we know it terminates?”  Thirty-four authors give their answers, including me with a tale of suburban shopping mall woe called “Mall Rats,” and, by accounts that I’ve read thus far, don’t do a bad job of speculating.

And so today, in the afternoon mail, I got mine.  Shiny and dark (both the cover and, according to at least one review, a goodly portion of the contents), and complete with interior illustrations by Audra Phillips.  And so tonight, after I’m done posting this, it looks like I’m going to be doing some reading.

Then also today I finished (almost) the second of two questionnaires for blog interviews I’ve been working on this week and last to help publicize THE TEARS OF ISIS.  These tend to be rather long affairs sometimes as both of these were, with lots of questions, although interviewees are not obligated to answer them all — just fifteen or twenty or maybe a few more.  But that’s okay and these are fun too — I tend to go more for longer answers than just “yes” or “no” or just the bare facts — but if I end up being too much of a wise ass on some (and yes, I’m sure it may sometimes happen), the interviewer can simply skip those replies and use some of the others.

The first of these, that I sent in Sunday to LONG AND SHORT REVIEWS, will, hopefully, be published in the first week of May, a week before the official release of THE TEARS OF ISIS.  Then a month later there’s World Horror Convention where you can ask me about it yourself.  Then if all goes well, the second interview — which needs some photos added to it but which I should get turned in tomorrow– will come out in the British blog, DUSTY PAGES, around the end of July as a reminder for those of you who haven’t gotten your copies yet.  (Remember also you have a chance of winning a free copy just by signing up before May 15 on Goodreads’ page for THE TEARS OF ISIS, cf. March 21.)  More information on the exact dates, plus links to the interviews when appropriate, will be forthcoming.


  1. What good news, Jim! Congrats and best wishes for many sales & happy readers! BTW I am enjoying the Kurt Vonnegut tribute collection. Haven’t gotten to your story yet, though. Looking forward to it!

  2. Between you and me, I’m still reading SO IT GOES too since that hasn’t been all that long ago — and now (see next entry up for April 19) even with the interviews done, I have something else to take up my “spare” time too! But AFTER DEATH will be next on the stack. . . .

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