Match Story to Bring Christmas Early this Summer

Third Flatiron Publishing, LLC, publishers of “The Reading” in UNIVERS HORRIBILIS and “Refugees” in A HIGH SHRILL THUMP (see March 1 this year and August 27 2012, respectively), has done it again.  My third submission to them has just been accepted for their e-anthology scheduled for summer on the theme of PLAYING WITH FIRE.  The tale itself is called “The Match Story” and may owe a certain debt to Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Match Girl.”  Except Andersen’s story doesn’t have zombies.

It is, however, a Christmas story with the acceptance coming Sunday, with variable sunshine and temperatures up into the low 70s, our first truly spring-like weekend this year which even gave opportunity Saturday to do some concrete patching on the computer cave’s front steps.  The trick there wasn’t so much a warm day as a promise of a dry night with temperatures still far enough above freezing to let the patch set.  So anyway, come summer, up in the 90s or even 100s look for my story about little Amelia, barefoot in the snow on Christmas Eve, trying desperately to sell her matches for the wherewithal to keep herself and her family warm.

For more information on Third Flatiron Publishing, including future themes, press here.  And one more thing.  To quote from their website:  “We would like to see some honest reviews of our anthologies get published.  If you are interested, please contact us and let us know where you have submitted reviews.  We can’t pay you, but we would be glad to provide a complimentary e-copy.”  So on April 3 we had the offer from SO IT GOES Editor Max Booth III for e-books in exchange for reviews; we now have the same deal from Juliana Rew of Third Flatiron.  Reviewers, if you should respond to either of these (or any other book where something of mine has appeared), please let me know too when your review is published — I’d love to see your opinions myself.


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