After Death Anthology Released Early, Reviewed in Publishers Weekly

Originally scheduled for a mid- to late-April release (cf. January 24), AFTER DEATH, the Dark Moon Books anthology on, to quote from the guidelines way back when, “what occurs after the heart stops beating, after the last breath is drawn, after life as we know it terminates,” has come out earlier than expected, according to Editor Eric  J. Guignard.  Not only that, according to Tuesday afternoon’s  announcement, it’s already been reviewed favorably by PUBLISHERS WEEKLY which says of it, in part, “[t]he answers come in the form of 34 stories that explore diverse notions . . . Though the majority of the pieces come from the darker side of the genre, a solid minority are playful, clever, or full of wonder. This strong and well-themed anthology is sure to make readImageers contemplative even while it creates nightmares.”

More can be read from PUBLISHERS WEEKLY by pressing here, or the book can be ordered now from Amazon or Barnes & Noble by clicking here or here respectively.   Available in trade paperback and electronic forms, the book is further enhanced by illustrations by Audra Phillips and a cover by Kevin Scott Sutay.

To quote the blurb:  “Death. Who has not considered their own mortality and wondered at what awaits, once our frail human shell expires? What occurs after the heart stops beating, after the last breath is drawn, after life as we know it terminates?

“Does our spirit remain on Earth while the mortal body rots? Do remnants of our soul transcend to a celestial Heaven or sink to Hell’s torment?  Are we offered choices in an individualized afterlife?  Can we die again in the hereafter?  Is life merely a cosmic joke, or is it an experiment for something greater?

“Included within this critically acclaimed anthology are answers to these queries alongside tales and suppositions relating from traditional ghosts to the afterlife of e-coli.  Explore the afterworld of an Australian cowboy.  Discover what the white light really means to the recently departed.  Consider the impact of modern, or future, technology on the dead.  Follow the karmic path of reincarnation.  Travel from the 999th level of Fengdu’s Hell to the gates of Robot Heaven.

“Enclosed are thirty-four all-new dark and speculative fiction stories, individually illustrated by Audra Phillips, and exploring the possibilities ‘after death.’”

Among these, to be sure, is a story by me, “Mall Rats,” of  three children in an enclosed shopping center where things seem to change, stores opening and closing, special events, even the seasons in ways that are strange.  A complete table of contents can be found below in the entry for November 9 2012.


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