HWA Poetry Page Preview for Easter; So It Goes Official Launch Today, Party in Progress

A lovely day today, possibly a few degrees too cool for my taste but the warmest we’re likely to have this week, and with the sun shining since about noon, a good day for Easter for those who would celebrate.  A good day all around, with two items of news:

The first, courtesy of poet, artist, and Horror Writers Association trustee Marge Simon, announces a new Facebook feature for horror fans and poets.  To quote Marge directly, “Hi folks!  April is National Poetry Month — and we’re working to raise poetry awareness in HWA all year around.  To that end, Sandy DeLuca, with Max Booth’s assistance, is creating a page for our horror.org site which will feature essays on dark poetry previously published in the HWA NL among other interesting items about poets of the dark side.  Ghost poets, zombie poets, vampire poets, and whatever falls in between.

“Thank you, Sandy and Max, for volunteering!  As an ongoing feature, poetry by dark poets — both past and present, will be Poe2posted here on our FB page monthly.

“To start things off, Mr. Poe’s ghost has agreed to accommodate us with the following poem –one that brings with it the usual chill attributed to one of the greats.  So laugh, my friends, but smile no more…”

The startup is Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Haunted Palace,” which, if the link works (the cave computer is bad at these things and I can’t confirm on a library computer until tomorrow) can be read on the horror.org entry by pressing here.

And then for the second, here I’ll quote Publisher/Editor Max Booth III (yes, the same Max Booth noted with Sandy DeLuca above — guy gets around!):  “Today is the release of our very first anthology — SO IT GOES:  A TRIBUTE TO KURT VONNEGUT.  It has been our pleasure to work with such talented authors to create such a brilliant tribute to a man like Kurt.  Within these pages you will find the best science fiction and satire we at PMMP have come across in a long time.SoGoesII

“Brought to you by the following:

“The Grand Tour” by Frank Roger
“Saving God” by Jay Wilburn
“How to Succeed in Academia” by K. A. Laity (Kate Laity
“Critical Thinking Skills” by James W. Hritz
“The Unhappy Accident or Feelin’ Fine” by T. T Fox Dunham
“The Truth” by Jonathan Balog
“You’re Toast” by E.E. King (Elizabeth Eve King)
“The Joke’s on You” by Philip Simondet
“It Takes Four to Tango” by Mike Sheedy
“The Policy” by Thomas Messina
“Riding” by Aric Zair (Aric Gaughan)
“Corrective Action (or Illegal Discharge Legally Charged)” by Tony Wayne Brown
“Dead Girls, Dying Girls” by James Dorr
“Modern Science Has Yet to Find a Cure” by Michael Lee Smith
“The Fountain of Relative Youth” by Christian A. Chris Larsen
“My Best Friend is a Robot” by Brady Gerber
“Fido” by James Wymore
“Responsibility is Key” by Rachael Durbin
“Megastar Hopper” by Sue Lange
“Dog. Girl. Armless Karaoke Maniac.” by Joseph McKinley
“Nedserd” by Eli Wilde
“A Tribute to Ernest Glipp” by C. M. Chapman

“Today we will be celebrating the release.  Stay tuned for groovy pictures, videos, virtual drinks, and possible casualties.”

For the book itself (available as of now on Amazon in both print and Kindle) cf. March 20, et al., and note as well that I’m represented in slot number 13 in the list above  Then to join the party in progress, press here.


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