Girls Gone Dead Interview Featured on Gorelets Showcase

A tad over a week back I noted this blog’s emerging presence on Editor/Publisher/Compiler/Writer Michael A. Arnzen’s “Instigation Showcase” webpage (cf. March 16).  Not to be Imagecaught napping, the wily Mike Arnzen has escalated, now featuring a mini-interview with me on my story — born of not one but two Instigation prompts — “Girls Gone Dead,” subsequently published last year in Post Mortem Press’s off-the-beaten-track zombie stories anthology NEW DAWN FADES (cf. November 8 and 22 2012, et al.).

Click here to read the interview for yourself, including a genuine, new Instigation-type prompt supplied by . . . moi!  Also included are several buttons for ordering, etc. info for NEW DAWN FADES (does one suspect, perhaps, there’s a hint embedded here?).

Best hurry, though.  Mike says featured writers will be changed “[e]very 66 days or so.”

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