The Tears of Isis Added to Goodreads, Expected Publication Date Set for May 15

Joining SO IT GOES on Goodreads (see post just below) is, as of today, my own upcoming book THE TEARS OF ISIS.  Also, not one to move slowly, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing Editor Max Booth III has announced that five prospective readers who sign in on the Goodreads site between now and the official expected publication date of May 15 can win a free copy.  The same rules apply as for SO IT GOES, with reviews encouraged but not Imagerequired, etc.  Also, for both contests, registration is not limited to the US but is also open to readers in Canada, Great Britain, and Austrailia.

THE TEARS OF ISIS (cf. February 27, January 2, et al.) is my fourth collection, joining STRANGE MISTRESSES:  TALES OF WONDER AND ROMANCE and DARKER LOVES:  TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET from Dark Regions Press and the all-poetry VAMPS (A RETROSPECTIVE) from Sam’s Dot/White Cat.  Consisting of 17 stories and an opening poem, THE TEARS OF ISIS (to quote from its extended blurb) “is a journey . . .  encompassing, yes, ‘forms such as never were in nature,’ as not just ‘La Méduse,’ but also a man’s soul absorbed by an octopus, vampires both physical and metaphorical, music and retellings of Cinderella, an Ancient World caper involving the Golden Fleece of legend,  a far-future recasting of Sleeping Beauty — one of three stories in THE TEARS OF ISIS set in the author’s world of the ‘Tombs,’ another ‘Tombs’ tale of the origin of ghouls, cockroaches spawned by war, insects by UFOs, Lovecraftian monsters called forth by candles, a woman who takes in a rat as a pet, the ‘death planet’ Saturn and women who buy birds, the life-cycle of dragons, another ‘Tombs’ story of love and a zombie-like form of revenge, and at last to Isis — her search to create but destroying as well, as is part of her nature, and back full circle to sculptress Medusa who ‘spoke to her hair at times’ and ‘in her dreams . . . her hair hissed its/ answers.’”

For more information, the Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing website can be reached by clicking here or, for the Goodreads page on THE TEARS OF ISIS, press here.


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